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First, reasonable planning to reduce material waste

Before selecting wall coatings, it is necessary to plan the decoration of the home, where to paint the wall finish, and how much the area is painted. With reasonable planning, you can avoid the waste caused by buying more materials.

1, rough room wall paint

The wall decoration of the rough house generally determines how to decorate according to the function of the space. The walls and ceilings of the living room and bedroom can be selected for wall paint, bathroom, kitchen, balcony and other spaces. Because of the relatively large amount of water vapor, only the ceiling paint can be painted on the ceiling.

The actual utilization rate of the general housing is about 80% of the building area, while the kitchen and bathroom are mostly made of ceramic tiles and gussets. The area of ​​these two spaces is generally about 10 square meters. Therefore, if all the walls of the home are painted, the wall construction area can be calculated as follows: wall paint construction area = (building area × 80% - 10) × 3. For a house with a building area of ​​88 square meters, the construction area = (88 × 80% - 10) × 3 = 181.2 square meters.

The construction of the wall paint is two sides (one primer, two top coats). The amount of wall coating is generally calculated according to one kilogram of latex paint (or primer), which can be used to brush 10 square meters of wall surface. After conversion, 1/10 kg of wall paint is required per square meter of wall surface. Primer dosage = construction area × 1/10; top paint consumption = construction area × 2 × 1/10.

Tips for saving money:

When planning the wall painting, it is necessary to calculate the amount of coating loss, which is generally calculated according to the 10% loss, which is the most reasonable.

2, the old house renovation wall paint

Renovation of the old house to paint the wall, you need to consider whether the wall is repainted or repaired on the original wall before the decoration. If the original wall surface is not peeled, cracked, powdered, etc., and the area required to be brushed is small, it can be sanded and cleaned and directly painted. If the wall renovation area is large and there is a crack in the skin, it is recommended to shovel and repaint.

Xiaobian suggestion: In addition to the calculation method of the wall painting area, there is a simple calculation method. The construction area = the inner area of ​​the sleeve × 2.5 (or × 3), the door and window can be more than × 2.5, anyway ×3. However, there are certain discrepancies in the calculation results of this method.

Second, the selection of materials can be used to save money and have a good way

Wall coatings are divided into different types according to different functions, properties, effects and gloss. Different wall coatings have great differences in their properties, characteristics, painting effects and prices. Calculating the wall paint suitable for your home, not only can increase the beauty of the wall, but also the rest of your decoration.

1. Introduction of common wall coatings

Interior decoration wall paint can be divided into latex paint, liquid wallpaper paint, texture paint, real stone paint and art paint according to the painting effect. Commonly used topcoats are latex paint, liquid wallpaper paint, and texture paint. Primers must also be used to brush the wall, and the primer is the necessary media layer between the wall and the finish.

2, the comparison of commonly used paints

By comparing the effects, characteristics, environmental protection and price of various commonly used coatings, the owners can choose the paint that suits them according to their actual situation.

3, check the quality of paint

When selecting wall coatings, the quality and environmental friendliness of the materials is of the utmost concern. The quality of the wall coating is guaranteed, and the wall after the decoration will last for a long time, and it is not easy to appear peeling and cracking; the environmentally friendly paint will make the family feel at ease. Of course, to ensure the beauty of the wall, the decoration process and daily maintenance are also essential.

Take the purchase of latex paint as an example. Pay attention to the quality and environmental protection of the paint. Look at the appearance, look at the coverage, look at the pollution resistance, look at the water resistance, and look at the environmental protection:

A look at the appearance, the quality of the paint is too thick, no agglomeration, lifted with a brush and paint, the paint slowly drops;

Second, look at the coverage; use the paint on the handwriting to see if it can cover;

Third, look at the stain resistance; write on the board painted with wall paint, and then wipe it with a wet rag to see if there are traces;

Fourth, look at the waterproof, drip on the wall painted with the wall paint, dry it and see if there is water mark;

Five look at environmental protection, open the paint cover, close to the smell, see if there is a pungent smell.

Tips: When checking the quality of the wall paint, in addition to paying attention to the five, the particle fineness of the paint can be checked when conditions permit. Put a small amount of paint into clear water. If the water quality is clear after mixing, there is no large particles, and the surface coating quality is good.

Third, save money, choose the material to save the province

If you want to save money and worry about buying paint, in addition to the good planning and material quality before the selection of materials, you need to know some tips for saving money from time to time.

1. Listen to the sound before buying

Lift the paint bucket, shake it, listen to the sound of the material shaking, if the sound of the sizzling sound, prove that the material is more water, less than two pounds or the viscosity is not enough, the material quality is not up to standard. If almost no sound is heard when shaking, the material is certified to meet specifications.

2, buy less consumption

At the time of purchase, the consumer can consult the merchant about the number of paints applied and the area of ​​the paint. Do not think that buying a cheaper paint is to save money. Some cheap paints, which are expensive, are not only costly but also labor-intensive.

3, their own color is very economical

Some people like to paint different colors on the wall. If you buy paints of various colors on the market, it is a waste of money. You can choose to buy bulk color paint and white paint, and then proportionate according to the required color, which is more cost-effective than buying off-the-shelf computer color paint.

4, buy business leading products

When you buy wall paint on the market, you can infer which brands are better based on the furnishings on the store. The most popular brands are usually placed in an eye-catching position and occupy more of the furnishings. Choosing these brands of paint can not only buy peace of mind, but to a certain extent, it can also save a wall for the wall decoration.

Xiaobian suggestion: Do not think that only choosing a good paint can save money. In fact, choosing a good brush is also a trick to save money. A good brush can't paint a good wall and it won't waste paint.

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