Home decorating how to choose high quality putty

When people are home decorating, they often think of high-grade paint. In fact, high-grade coatings do not necessarily reach high-grade coatings, while high-grade coatings only have a minor impact on high-grade coatings.

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In addition to coatings, what is the most important role to play in painting than coating? That is, the base material for coating is “PuTTY”. There is an old saying in the painting industry: “Three sides, seven ends.” Means that the role of surface materials only accounts for 30% of the quality, while the role of the grass-roots materials accounted for 70%. In general, the role of grass-roots materials is mainly strong, smooth and smooth. On this basis, the role played by the surface layer material is mainly “coloring”, that is, imparting surface color and playing a role in beautifying and decorating.

If the grass-roots floor is very good, even the mid-level materials will be similar to high-grade painting. On the contrary, if the grass-roots floor is poor, even if the surface is a high-grade material, only middle and low-grade paintings can be made. Therefore, when decorating homes, it is more important to choose quality putty besides choosing the topcoat. What kind of putty can be considered as high quality putty?

First, the bond is strong. At present, most of the interior decoration companies are still using the original method to prepare putty. The putty that is prepared by this method is prone to improper proportions, inaccurate measurement, poor adhesion, and is prone to flaking and shedding.

Second, smooth and delicate. In general, the coating formed after the film is formed has a thickness of only a few tens of wires, and the smoothness of the putty layer directly determines the smoothness of the coating surface.

Third, the water resistance is good. Water resistance is often an important indicator of the quality of putty, good water resistance putty is not

It has good adhesion only under moldy and damp conditions, and it also helps the coating on the surface of the coating.

Coating precautions

Base surface treatment:

1. New wall: Make sure that all dust foreign matter is brushed or scraped off. It is also necessary to ensure that the walls are free of saline, greasy materials and ridges. Cover all adjacent walls during construction to avoid being sprayed. All cracks and flaking should be caulked and leveled. It is recommended to use an anti-mite primer before the official application.

2. Old Wall: When the product is applied to an old wall, it must be ensured that the wall base is firm. When applying the first coat, first wash the wall with a soda solution, brush it, and apply it after drying.

Note: For more complex foundation construction, in order to ensure the best results, it is best to coordinate with the coating supplier and design the corresponding construction plan according to the actual situation.

Construction method: Spraying is done by the spray gun and compressor to ensure that no spraying is pre-covered. Roller coating consists of decorative roller series to complete various texture patterns. The product can be applied to the wall with a steel trowel, and the final pattern effect can be achieved with a wet glossy plastic roller or a plastic trowel.

Construction Environment: The suitable construction temperature is 5-40 degrees Celsius, and the humidity requirement is 90% or less. When sprayed, the wind speed should be less than 6m/s, and the air compressor should be supplied with more than 6kg.


Use a knife, roller, or spray gun for smooth or textured products. Rich in texture, long-lasting color and color.

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