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Abstract 1. Common problems with traditional ring-shaped cores The diamond-drawn wire cores (also known as mold cores and die blanks) that are commonly used on the market at present are diamond powder, binder and hard alloy ring once by high temperature and high pressure process. Sintering is a wire drawing core, which we call a traditional belt...

I. Common problems with traditional ring-shaped cores The diamond-drawn wire cores (also known as mold cores and die blanks) that are commonly found on the market are made of diamond powder, binder and carbide ring by high temperature and high pressure process. Sintering is a wire drawing core, which we call a traditional banded wire drawing core. Due to various equipment and process reasons, the traditional belt loop core often has the following problems:
1. The surface of individual products is hard and the interior is soft, that is, the appearance looks like a good product, in fact the inside is very bad. This problem is common in some domestic brands of ring core products;
2. The internal destructive residual stress is too large, so that the core is easily broken when it encounters an unbalanced external force. This kind of problem can be seen in the belt core products of all brands at home and abroad, and some domestic brands are more common in the ring core. In order to improve the fracture resistance, Sumitomo Corporation has introduced a press-in type of looped die blank, WD960 (D33) and WD970 (D36);
3. Due to the limited pressure of the press and cost control, the outer diameter of the cemented carbide reinforcing ring with the traditional ring-shaped core is often limited to a small value, so that it cannot provide enough for the drawing die. Centripetal support and anti-fracture support. In order to solve this problem, the conventional belt-shaped core often requires a metal powder hot-pressed insert. During the hot stamping process, the stress balance inside the ribbon-drawn core may be damaged, causing the core to break. In addition, if the heating temperature is too high or the heating time is too long, it will also cause graphitization of the PCD, thereby reducing the service life and the wire finish of the mold.
4. The diamond material in the traditional ring-shaped core can only be a PCD containing cobalt, and its temperature resistance is only 700 °C, which cannot be used for high-temperature drawing. Due to the high temperature at the wall of the drawing die compression zone during high-speed drawing, the conventional band-shaped core is generally not suitable for ultra-high-speed wire drawing.
Second, the advantages of the Hebron embedded type with a wire drawing core The embedded method is used to manufacture a wire drawing core. Some foreign companies have tried before and brought it to the market. However, due to the flaws in technical ideas and the insufficiency of processing, there are many problems in the product. In the end, only Sumitomo's press-in belt cores can be seen on the market.
Xiboer's embedded ribbon-drawing core is identical in principle to Sumitomo's press-fit belt-drawn die blanks WD960 (D33) and WD970 (D36), with the exception of manufacturing process ideas and The specification range of the core. Sumitomo currently has two larger sizes, D33 and D36. The main types of Sibo are D15, D18, D21, D24, D27, D30, six smaller specifications and some special specifications customized by customers.
Xiboer's built-in brushed core has the following features:
1. PCD material is pre-pressed and sintered. After various processing and testing, it can ensure the high quality of PCD diamond material. It is impossible to have the problem that the outer band core is dense and the inner part is soft, and the diamond material is fundamentally excluded. There may be defects such as loose structure, cracks, and abnormal grain growth.
2. The unique taper design makes it easy to distinguish between the inlet surface and the outlet surface, which can effectively achieve the tight protection of the alloy ring to the PCD diamond, so that it can withstand greater impact force during drawing.
3. Due to the large outer diameter of the alloy ring, it can provide sufficient centripetal support and resistance to wire drawing for PCD diamond. Therefore, it is no longer necessary to use hot metal sintering of metal powder when externally inserting, but only with interference fit. The way to carry out "cold inlays" is fine. This feature allows the brushed core to avoid any thermal damage during the nesting process, ensuring that the PCD diamond quality does not change due to the insert.
4. Because of the embedded inserts, the diamond material used can be more than just a PCD of cobalt binder. It may also be a desulfurized high temperature resistant PCD, a high temperature resistant silicon bonder PCD, or a CVD diamond. The high temperature resistant diamond core (also known as mold core, mold blank) can be used for high temperature drawing and high speed drawing.
These advantages of the Xiboo embedded ring-shaped wire drawing core have been fully verified in the market. Since 2009, the products have been selectively sold to Taiwan, Germany, South Korea, India and other places with strong technical skills, such as wire drawing molds (also known as brushed eye molds) manufacturing company, and have been well received and popular. Since 2010, the products have been in short supply, which has forced us to continue to invest a lot of equipment and manpower to rapidly expand production capacity.
With the rapid expansion of production capacity, Shipol decided to officially recommend this quality product to domestic quality customers in August 2010! We are convinced that Xiboer's embedded belt-drawing die core will greatly improve the overall quality level of domestic wire drawing die products, thus making domestic wire drawing die more competitive in the international market!

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