Hardcover room era building materials industry opportunities and challenges coexist

Raw materials crisis building materials enterprises
In recent years, the increase in transportation costs, the continuous promotion of labor costs, and the shrinkage of the original data capital have brought great challenges to the building materials industry. "The most time, the price of logs has risen four times in two months, once every half a month, every time the goods are purchased, the price is different in the city. Even so, it often shows signs of out of stock." Chen selling wooden flooring in Shaanxi The teacher said, so if the company is rich in power, many sellers choose to pick up the goods, so the increase in the price of sales can be slowed down, and it can also be used by consumers, and the most nervous is that it can occupy more sales markets.

In addition, the addition of various cost elements and the impact of the financial crisis have caused many dealers to feel the pressures that have never existed before. In this environment, in order to open the branch road to face the arduous, many building materials companies in the industry do not combine to hold the group to warm together, Dongpeng ceramics, European cabinets, large natural flooring, red apple home, NVC lighting Brands such as Elegant Wooden Doors and Midea Electric Appliances established the Champions League in the first half of this year, and tied their strengths to the market. Song Huaming, general manager of Dongpeng Ceramics Shaanxi Branch, said: "After the establishment of the alliance, it has done frequent activities in the context of the world. As their respective costs have been reduced, greater benefits have been given to consumers, so the results are very good."

Merchants can seize more market consumers can suffer more
"Strong is stronger, weaker is weaker" is the appearance of many current building materials manufacturers on the market. Under the influence of various pressures, the opportunity is particularly valuable, but it is very hard to deal with small brands. Taking the above-mentioned building materials enterprises as an example, in order to promote the hardcover room, it is necessary to select a small amount of building materials. When selecting the building materials, more real estate developers first observe the product quality, brand strength and promise, and even require the supplier to have a large amount of funds. Flowing, these are likely to be impossible for small businesses. As for the ordinary consumers, because of the intensification of competition, the profit points of the building materials industry have become more and more clear. When the price does not have much advantage, the product quantity and reputation, after-sales service, brand reputation, etc. become consumers. The conditions for purchase are chosen, and these are just as common as large brands can support them. Therefore, with the increase of pressure, the building materials industry is actually undergoing a strict shuffling activity. After that, the brand stronger is stronger, and the weaker weaker South and North poles will become more and more intense. In addition, no matter how the internal and external pressures change, the consumer market does not dare to despise anyway, so it is facing the decline of the original material, but a few sellers are cautious about the price drop, but instead Expanding market occupancy, the beginnings of various promotional campaigns are repeated. The brand sanitary wares that have been used for thousands of dollars are now sold at a price of less than 500 yuan. The wooden floor is often sold for tens of dollars. Therefore, when market disbursement becomes more and more significant, the measures taken by enterprises to cope with the pressure of life will probably cause consumers to lose more benefits.

More than a decade ago, with the growth of China's economy, more consumers began to store their home decoration, which has led to the rapid development of the home building materials industry in the past decade. However, in recent years, raw materials have been rushing from time to time, the addition of fuel costs, the impact of financial crisis, and the promotion of hardcover houses have all tested the growth of the building materials industry from the beginning, and the building materials industry has experienced severe training. Under the pressure, the building materials industry is also undergoing a silent change, and gradually began to broaden the trend of polarization between the North and the South.

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