Graphic details: Tiles identify 5 major details

Choosing a tile to attach importance to the style pattern is correct, but don’t think it’s okay to pick a nice look. Look at the forum's classmate's regret stickers, tile this homework have to do a good job. There are several small methods for recognizing the quality of tiles used by predecessors. About how to choose a tile, you can roughly start from the following five aspects:

1, see if the brick surface is smooth

Bringing together two tiles on the front side, if you can see the light in the middle, the brick surface is not smooth and bumpy, and it is flat tiles that fit together perfectly.

And then rotate it to see if the corners are still consistent

2, see whether the size of the same

First measure whether the diagonal of 1 brick is exactly equal. Then put two or more tiles on one flat surface to touch and slide on the edge by hand. If there is no obvious hand-feeling when passing through the tiles, the size of the tiles is better. If you feel a significant hand, indicating that the size of the brick error, tile out will not work well.

Just imagine, if the surface and side of each tile are not even, no matter how good the tiler can't lay the overall smoothness, so the above two points are the most basic requirements for the tiles.

3, listening to sound

Tap a tile with a hard object. If there is a sound of metal knocking, it indicates that the tile has a good degree of porcelainization and a high vitrification intensity. It is a piece of brick with the appearance of beauty and internal beauty; if the sound is boring, it indicates that the brick is not burned through, and the texture is not good enough. .

4, measure the hardness and density

Draw a tile surface with a hard object to see if it is easy to leave a scratch. Generally, the glazed tiles will leave slight scratches, and the vitrified tiles are relatively hard. The vitrified tiles with good texture may not be traced at all.

Usually only if the merchant is confident about his own goods, he will agree to do similar tests.

In addition, the bricks with the same specifications can be smashed by hand. The more bricks in the specification, the higher the density and the higher the hardness.

5. Test water absorption Turn the tiles over and drop some water on the back. The slower the seepage, the more dense the texture and the better the intrinsic quality. Note that similar tiles should be compared here. Some businesses will mix the vitrified tiles and common glazed tiles together to show that the bricks in his house are of good quality. Therefore, it is advisable to bring strips that are relatively reliable to the scrapped bricks. You can ask the store to ask for help to get out of your house.

Here, the faster the water absorbs, the higher the water absorption rate of the brick is. The water absorption on the back of the glazed tile is normal (the better the texture, of course, the slower the absorption of the brick, the contrast effect is obvious); but if there is a store selling the quick-absorbing brick/glass tile, you will not need to consider it. Bad, quality can be imagined, long-term use is prone to cracks and other consequences.

The poor bricks not only ooze fast, but even watermarks can be seen on the front. This is why some people use inferior bricks and always have watermarks that look like “101 Dalmatians”. This time to regret it again, it is too late, the inspection work should be done in the front: choose the right brick for their own, look at the price depends on the texture is king! I hope everyone can choose a satisfactory tile.

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