Glossary: ​​Infrared sensor faucet

The infrared sensor faucet is based on the principle of infrared reflection. When the human hand is placed in the infrared region of the faucet, the infrared ray emitted by the infrared ray tube is reflected by the shackle of the human hand to the infrared ray receiving tube, and the signal is sent through the microcomputer in the integrated circuit. To the pulse solenoid valve, the solenoid valve receives the signal and then opens the valve core according to the specified command to control the water discharge from the faucet; when the human hand leaves the infrared sensing range, the solenoid valve does not receive the signal, and the solenoid valve spool is reset by the internal spring. The water of the faucet.

Infrared sensor tap principle

AC and DC power supply, battery backup, hand extension is water, hand water is stopped, special water saving, switch water is automatically completed by the sensor, no need to touch the faucet, can effectively avoid bacterial cross infection, the machine is controlled by microcomputer, according to the shape of the basin The optimal sensing distance is not required for manual adjustment. It also has a 1 minute overtime washing and water stop function to avoid water waste caused by foreign matter in the sensing range for a long time. DC uses 4 AA alkaline batteries and uses 1000 times a day. There is no need to replace the battery in 2 years, and there is a filtering mechanism inside to prevent impurities from entering the electromagnetic valve. It is easy to clean, beautiful in appearance, firm in structure, and suitable for crowded places.

Infrared sensor faucet main features

1. Intelligent water saving: automatic induction control is turned on and off, and the hand or the water container and the washing articles are inserted into the sensing range, and the faucet automatically discharges water, and the water is stopped after leaving.

2, timeout protection: 30 seconds overtime washing automatic water shutoff function. 3, convenient and hygienic: the switch water is completely completed by the sensor, the human hand does not need to touch the faucet, effectively avoiding bacterial cross infection.

3, intelligent power saving: the use of modern digital technology, ultra-low energy consumption.

4. Adaptability: The sensitivity (range) can be adjusted according to different usage environments.

5, easy to maintain: built-in filter, to avoid impurities flowing into the solenoid valve affects normal work, and easy to clean.

6. Weak current prompt: DC type product has battery replacement prompt function. When the battery power is insufficient, the indicator light is always on, prompting to replace the battery in time.

7. Applicable places: Gaodang hotels, hotels, office buildings, airports and other public places.

Ferrite Magnet 1

Ferrites are usually non-conductive ferrimagnetic ceramic compounds derived from iron oxides such as hematite (Fe2O3) or magnFerrites are usually non-conductive ferrimagnetic ceramic compounds derived from iron oxides such as hematite (Fe2O3) or magnetite (Fe3O4) as well as oxides of other metals.

Manufacturing process:

1). Dry process:By dry process, can produce isotropic & anisotropic magnets. The tool can be changed and developed easily.

2). Wet process:By wet process, only anisotropic magnets can be produced. It is complicated to change the tool and the tooling charge is much higher.


1). Isotropic ferrite magnets are not oriented and can be magnetized in any direction.

2). Anisotropic ferrite magnets are different, they are all oriented in the manufacturing direction, and should be magnetized in the direction of orientation.

Ferrite Magnet Performance

Ferrite Magnet

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