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For those who are pursuing comfort and enjoyment, the total budget of the bathroom home furnishings occupies a relatively large proportion, and the budget should be worth the money. It is very important to grasp the right time for buying sanitary ware.

Uncertain Prophet: How to Balance Both Comfort and Cheapness

A. Ware size: inch and inch

Land: Where do all the sanitary ware in the bathroom need to occupy? In general, the area occupied by the toilet is 37 x 60 cm; the area of ​​the hanging basin is 50 x 70 cm; the area of ​​the cylindrical basin is 40 x 60 cm; the area of ​​the square shower is 80 x 80 cm; The standard area is 160 x 70 cm.

Installation reservation: The distance between the bathtub and the opposite wall is preferably 100cm. If you want to move around, this is a reasonable distance. Even if the bathroom is very narrow, leave the empty space next to the bathtub

B. Ware purchase timing: the sooner the better

The period of home decoration usually takes 30 days to 40 days from the drawing of the decoration company to the final acceptance. So, when is the best time to buy a sanitary ware?

Sanitary ware is more troublesome to buy before installation

Because the installation of the sanitary ware must have suitable installation conditions, the different products from different manufacturers have different requirements for the installation conditions. For example, the faucet needs to embed a suitable water supply pipe, and the bathroom cabinet requires sufficient installation space. The toilet seat needs to consider the wall distance, the shower room needs to consider the load-bearing wall, the floor drain location should be appropriate, etc. These conditions must be done in the home improvement construction process, otherwise the sanitary products cannot be installed and used. It is better to set a suitable product in the early stage of construction, and it is even better to set it in the design stage. In this way, you can reserve space, reconstruct piping, create installation according to the specific installation requirements and technical parameters of the product you are purchasing. condition.

Sanitary ware is to be determined before tiling

People often order the sanitary ware after they have been put on the tile. At this time, they may find that the favorite product cannot be installed because the pre-reserved installation conditions are not correct. If the pipeline is not right, the size is not appropriate, and there is no way to go. Buying unfavorable products, making do with them, or reworking them, re-doing pipes, often knocking down some of the freshly-paved tiles, delaying the construction period, increasing costs, and causing unnecessary losses.

Some sanitary ware need to be customized in advance

In general, after the overall decoration style of the new house is set, it is time to order the appropriate brand, style and color of the sanitary ware, and then the corresponding installation conditions can be created during construction according to the requirements of the specified sanitary ware. At present, the trend of individualization is also very popular in the sanitary ware industry. Some brands often introduce some very fashionable and personalized products. Their installation and use often require very unique installation conditions. In addition, many personalized, high-value products often have ordering cycles, ranging from a week to a month. If you do not make a decision beforehand, you may find it difficult to stand by for a long time.

Early buying sanitary ware is much better

In the pre-decoration construction of the purchase of sanitary ware, you can also get the following benefits: First, time and calm, you can seriously compare the brand, style, price, buy the most desirable products; Second, if you buy high-end brands, you can also let the bathroom manufacturers The designer proposed bathroom renovation proposals and design plans, and guided the construction of the renovation, so that the design of the bathroom will be more reasonable, product mix can also meet the needs of the function; the third is to free up early consideration of the energy of the main material, The main focus is to supervise the decoration team to improve the construction quality and ensure the overall effect of the renovation.

Sanitary ware purchase decoration design home decoration bathroom space style decoration style high-grade tile ceramic tile prices

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