Fuyang Locomotive Dedicated Area Security Special Protection

"When making locomotive maintenance work, pay attention to the adjoining lanes and moving vehicles; it is forbidden to carry out the trimming of the locomotives under the subsection insulators and catenary terminations; when inspecting the trenches, it is forbidden to cross the trenches..." Recently, Wuhan Railway Bureau Fuyang Locomotive Section Guo Xingguo, the person in charge of the Eastern Reserve Site, reminded the operators of the labor safety at the nominations meeting.

In the spring, due to the “Spring Difficulty”, the workers’ energy is not concentrated and the chance of violating labor safety regulations increases, posing a threat to personal safety. The leading group of the section held a special meeting to analyze the current labor security situation, find problems in labor safety management and on-site operations, and deploy special safety remediation programs. Combining the job characteristics of each post, they divided the general operation area, the flight attendant operation area, the operation area of ​​each warehouse area, and the operation area of ​​each power staging yard, and defined 29 remediation projects and “four major regions” rectification responsible persons, and refined each one. The project rectification plan will refine the control points of each operation and strengthen the on-site operation card control.

At present, the “four regions” of this section have already identified 22 problems related to unsafe working conditions that endanger labor safety, unsafe operating procedures, and unsafe operating equipment, and all have been promptly rectified.

On this basis, this section also established a special inspection team at the section and workshop level to carry out follow-up inspections on key remediation projects in various regions, conduct spot checks on employees' work conditions, prevent problems from rebounding, and ensure the safety of the parties in each operation area.

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