Furniture Network: Furniture companies are designed to win the market

In the recent interview with China's largest furniture network, it was learned that the logo of “Chinese people banned people” at the Milan Design Exhibition, Switzerland's Verne publicly destroyed China's counterfeit furniture products, once again pushed “Chinese furniture design” to the forefront. The major media have begun to condemn the company's "plagiarism" style, designers are talking about the "original" concept, and the real protagonist - China's furniture brand companies, what do they really need? From the top ten brands of furniture Come, many domestic brands are not popular, so is it better to make breakthroughs in design?

In the broad design, people always pay more attention to and recognize the innovative and innovative frontier design. In fact, for the current Chinese furniture design, if the manufacturer that can't connect with the right to speak can't reach the consumers who perceive the design entity, the design will be isolated – or perhaps evolve into an independent ideology, and that However, it is a self-respect, a high and a low. I blame the grassroots entrepreneurs for their lack of design awareness and can't solve practical problems. Several excellent design masters can't turn around in an instant. Only by finding a channel and way that combines design, enterprise and life, and can be effective, can it make a change. In this regard, Barry Bart Furniture, Pomegranate Garden Furniture , and Bronica Furniture designers are doing very well, and their market consumption is very high.

Throughout the focus, commercial design is precisely such a model - the designer and the enterprise together, through the product and its dissemination, trigger the collective design awareness of the Chinese people. We need to strengthen the awareness of this point in the Chinese design field. It is also necessary to promote the formation of such concepts in the production enterprises, and to directly reflect the consumer's demands on product design. Therefore, we not only need to analyze the commercial design in a deeper level, but also need more and more outstanding commercial designers to emerge, so that the future of Chinese design is clear.

Every time when our Xiaobian enters the Furniture Expo Center , it is a feeling of appreciation. It feels the hard work of the furniture designers. Every design is beautiful, but whether it really meets the hearts of consumers. What about it? This is really a place that every furniture company needs to ponder.

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