Full hydraulic digital display paper cutter product introduction

The digital display of the full-page hydraulic digital paper cutting machine is controlled by a single-chip microcomputer, and the display adopts an environmentally-friendly blue liquid crystal display. The main low-voltage control parts of the whole machine are all imported electrical appliances, and the hydraulic part adopts a fast pressurized hydraulic system and the pressure is adjustable. The hook-type tooling work is simple and easy.
1, using 5.7-inch blue screen Taiwan industrial display
2, infrared protection device
3, the paper cutter drive is driven by a plane double enveloping reducer, cutting speed is fast, the noise is lower
4, the workbench uses a slotless double rail structure
5, over cutting protection device
6, knife strip ejection device
7. The double-rail workbench adopts the imported thin-line guide rail, which is wear-resistant and strong against impact. The article comes from: http://

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16mm PU Sandwich Panels

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