Frequently turn on the digital home appliances, no mold

In continuous rainy days, the air has maintained a high humidity, and the damp is the enemy of digital appliances. Whether it is a camera, a tablet computer, a TV set, an air conditioner, or a refrigerator, it is afraid of moisture, and the components are accelerated to age, and the appliances with severe moisture are at risk of damage. So how do you prevent moisture in the rainy days?

Positioning, water removal

The most basic way to protect the appliance is to let the space where the appliance is located be ventilated. The location of the appliance is very important. Washing machines generally cannot be placed in a damp bathroom, which is likely to cause accelerated aging of components. However, the actual situation is that many households can only place the washing machine in the bathroom due to the restriction of the waterway arrangement. Then try to put the washing machine in a position where it can't splash water, because once the outer casing is damaged or the seal is not tight, the water will enter the inside of the body and damage the circuit board and circuit. At the same time, the ground of the washing machine should be kept dry to avoid entering the fuselage when the water vapor evaporates.

Similarly, many families are accustomed to placing the refrigerator on the wall. In fact, a gap can be left between the refrigerator and the wall to allow the appliance to ventilate, and to prevent the surface of the appliance from rusting and the body from being electrically conductive.

"burn the machine" to dehumidify

In addition to ventilation, another way to dehumidify is to "power on." For example, turning on the TV for a while, whether it is a power module, a chip module or a liquid crystal panel part, generates heat and evaporates the water that is inaccessible. In the words of ordinary people, it is “burning the machine”. You will find that household appliances with high usage rate are the least likely to be damaged by moisture.

In fact, most air conditioners have the function of dehumidification. When the air humidity is obviously increased in rainy days, the public may wish to turn on the dehumidification function of the air conditioner for several hours. First, let the air conditioner be turned on, and secondly to ensure the dehumidification effect. It is worth noting that under humid air, bacteria are very easy to breed, and air-conditioning filters are a big source of secondary pollution. If the air-conditioning filter at home is dirty, it should be cleaned before dehumidification. There is a special air-conditioning filter in the supermarket. detergent.

Some air purifiers also have a dehumidification function, but because of the small air volume of the air purifier, it is impossible to offset the humid air outside. If you want to keep a room with low humidity, it is recommended to close some doors and windows to avoid a large amount of indoor and outdoor air exchange.

The camera lens is placed in a moisture-proof box

Mobile phones and computers that are used every day are not at risk of getting wet. It is not a high-use camera and lens, you need to pay special attention to the rainy days. Especially the camera lens, it is easy to get wet in the continuous rainy weather, moldy spots on the lens, affecting the imaging effect. This kind of mildew is difficult to clean, and it is necessary for the professional to dismantle the lens and avoid scratching the coating.

Conditional photography enthusiasts can purchase professional moisture-proof boxes, and store the cameras and lenses that are purchased at a large price, including some precision lenses, in a moisture-proof box. Some idle digital products can last for a long time in the moisture-proof box. For digital products that are not used for a long time, please remember to keep the machine and the battery separately. The moisture and leakage of the battery will seriously damage the components, causing short circuit and electrical scrap.

Many families have also come up with a cheap and easy-to-use camera moisture-proof method, which is to find a well-sealed box, put the digital products that need to be dried and preserved, and then put the desiccant in the food package together and seal it. It can also achieve better moisture resistance.

Chengdu Business Daily reporter Wang Zhi

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