Fashion Wall 5 Dress Up Wall Preferred Coatings

There are a wide variety of materials and forms of wall decorations. The styles are diverse. Classical, modern, abstract, elegant, romantic, landscapes of figures, birds, flowers, birds, fishes, places of interest, and so on.

Personality enjoys the preferred coating

This is the simplest and cheapest way to decorate the walls. It is usually the surface treatment of the wall, leveling with putty, polished smooth after brushing paint, mainly latex paint. The choice of paint color can be based on everyone's personality. Friends who like blue can paint the bedroom blue and blue, because blue can create a cozy atmosphere conducive to sleep. Others such as the warmth of orange, bright yellow, etc., can be applied to the wall decoration according to personal preference. The full and bright colors of each room surely give the owner different psychological enjoyment, both stylish and warm.

Complex approach changes appearance

The composite approach is to apply a layer of paint on the paved wallpaper. This method combines the dual advantages of wallpaper and paint, so that the wall has the rich texture and vivid color of the wallpaper. The compounding approach greatly enhances the decorative effect of the wall, and more importantly, you can paint different colors according to your preferences, so that the wall has a changeable appearance. When you are tired of a color, just change the wallpaper again to change the mood. Due to the good adhesion of the wallpaper to the paint, it can be brushed more than 5 times. For the choice of paint wallpaper, texture-rich, breathable non-woven wool-type brushed wallpaper is preferred.

Highlight the texture to talk about the environment

People with retro complexes can choose to use pebbles, slate, sandstone plates and other culture stones to decorate the walls. Not only are they rich in texture, but also have low water absorption, acid resistance, weather resistance, and sound absorption. Of course, this kind of villa environment is limited. Better decoration. In addition, gypsum board can also be used for veneering, its surface is carved with undulating brick wall seams, affixed to the wall on the bump, especially with a light, the layering is very strong, retro effect is remarkable. If you love continental, you can also set a fireplace on the wall. A simple fireplace can be made with a little brick, and the simpler it is, the more nostalgic it is.

Cork wall panels

Today's cork decorative wall panels are no longer "thorny" when exposed on the wall. Cork decorative wallboard is a very fashionable wall material for the past two years. Whether it is a retro pattern or a simple geometric shape, it is carved in pure white, piano black, sky blue and other monochrome cork decorative wall panels, which are both simple and elegant yet not lost. Luxurious pretty. Make the decorated room wall with a high degree of ornamental and practical. In addition, the stiff cork material makes the wall easy to clean. It is both simple and stylish.

Do it yourself

Family graffiti art is to transform the walls of a home into a graffiti wall on a street around the world. You are free to use it. This requires guts and you need to use it according to the concept of family members. Like many Korean television series, a beautiful picture scroll and everything in the home are perfectly intertwined. Painting trees on the peaks can bring a natural wind to the city that suffers from the hardships of the city. Painting the stars of the sun, moon, and moon will bring a rare moment of calm to you. This intense perspective and three-dimensionality , The original monotonous empty wall decorate the grandeur. At the same time, you can also use hand-crafted little things to make your own graffiti wall more personal. However, in the process of DIY walls, we must pay attention to details such as the graffiti on the bedroom walls. When highlighting the privacy and uniqueness of the private space, we must not forget that it is based on peace and tranquility.

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