EU issues consumption warning on Chinese electric tools

Recently, the European Commission's non-food rapid warning system (rapex) issued consumer warnings on hardware and electric power tools products produced in China. Domestic hardware tool manufacturers and exporters should attach great importance to this.

It is understood that the requirements for power tools on the domestic market are increasingly stringent in all countries of the world. The European Union has established a special 60745-1 standard for hardware power tools. Its purpose is to regulate the technical specifications of power tools that enter the European market. Reduce or avoid possible harm to consumers caused by power tools. Europe also introduced the Electrical Appliance Certification Act.

All the specifications and series of power tool products exported by relevant companies to the European Union must be certified before the export and passed the EU Electric Appliances Directive. The products that are about to expire should be applied for certification in a timely manner. In addition, companies need to make preparations in advance during the testing of power tools. Enterprises need to accumulate experience in response, and the products involved will be adjusted accordingly according to EU regulations, otherwise they will be eliminated by the market.

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