Electrolytic aluminum process

[China Aluminum Industry Network] aluminum electrolysis process: The modern aluminum industry uses cryolite-alumina molten salt electrolysis. Molten cryolite is a solvent, alumina as a solute, carbon body as an anode, and aluminum as a cathode. After a strong direct current is passed, an electrochemical reaction is performed at two poles in the electrolytic cell at 950°C-970°C. Both electrolytic. The chemical reaction proceeds mainly through this equation: 2Al2O3==4Al3O2.

Anode: 2O2ˉ-4eˉ=O2↑ Cathode: Al3 3eˉ=Al. Anode products are mainly carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide gas, which contains a certain amount of harmful gases such as hydrogen fluoride and solid dust. In order to protect the environment and human health, it is necessary to purify the anode gas, remove harmful gases and dust, and discharge it into the atmosphere. The cathode product is aluminum liquid. Aluminum liquid is pumped out from the tank by vacuum lifting and sent to the foundry. After being purified and clarified in the holding furnace, it is cast into aluminum ingots or directly processed into wire blanks and profiles. The production process is as follows:

Alumina, fluoride salts

Carbon anode DC

→ → → →


Exhaust Anode Gas ------ Electrolyzer

↑ → →

Exhaust gas ← gas purification liquid aluminum

→ →

Recovery fluoride purification and clarification

→ → →

Return to electrolytic tank

Casting rolling or casting

→ →

Aluminum ingots or profiles

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