Electric heating and heating auxiliary materials

Electric floor heating includes heating lines, temperature control systems, auxiliary materials, etc. The hot floor heating includes heating lines and temperature control systems. The owners have paid more attention to them, but they often ignore the auxiliary materials of the electric floor heating system. A complete electric floor heating system must pay attention to every tiny link.

The strength of the electric floor heating board: Before laying the floor heating, first lay a layer of insulation material, then all the materials such as cement, yellow sand, floor tiles, floor, etc. are pressed on top, so that if the pressure capacity is not good, What is the result of the material, (the result is lifting, opening, deformation, sagging, etc.) This shows the pressure.

Insulation performance of electric floor heating: The main purpose of laying insulation board is to prevent heat from being transmitted downstairs. Is 60% insulation performance the same as 90% insulation performance? The quality of electric heating film insulation board will affect the insulation effect and directly affect Energy consumption for electric floor heating

Environmental protection of electric floor heating board: If there is a long-term heating of products with bad raw materials (such as re-processing of recycled materials), it will produce toxic gases harmful to human body.


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