Double Wei + central air conditioning acceptance site to see hydropower

Time: April 20th, 13th

Location: Lujiabang Road

Decoration company: Qingshan decoration

Supervision: Supervision by Chen Limin

Today is a good day. In the afternoon, the editor is going to work on a site that is in the hydropower phase. The agreed time is at 3pm. After lunch, check the inspection route. After several twists and turns, it is still before the 2:30 arrived. Destination. Because I was looking for the number inside, I was asked by the community's guard to “catch” it. I sweat... I’m not a thief...

Well, let's put a hurry upstairs.

Came to the 15th floor, the elevator opened, scared me, oh oh oh, the right side of the elevator are the old garbage.

The left hand side of the elevator is the destination of this small Qi. Haha and Qingshan’s advertising is in front of them. On the small paper, the contact method is the biggest one.

Hydropower installation hydropower acceptance hydropower reform

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