Do you have to pay attention to the skylight in the attic?

For some top-level tenants or villa areas, there is often a loft, and it is increasingly important in daily life. Some learning, rest, entertainment and other issues are also performed in the attic, so supporting The decoration is essential, in order to increase the lighting and ventilation of the attic, most users will open the skylight in the attic , then the attic open skylights please ? Attic open skylight considerations what? Let's take a look with Xiao Bian below and hope to provide some help for your decoration.

Is it possible to open the skylight in the attic?

Open the window in the area, effectively improving the sense of light, according to the relevant experimental test, the utility of the lighting effect of the inclined roof will be more than 10% higher than the normal window, so the time to turn on the light can be one hour later, which can be more convenient Enjoy the stars at night, add fun, and in addition to good lighting, while thermal insulation, noise and noise reduction are more obvious equivalent.

Attic skylights are expensive

1. Don't do it directly on the slope when you open the window. Be sure to do the extension wall. Because there is no material that can be effectively waterproof and closed, the cold shrinkage will be much smaller than before, and there will be gaps. In general, the average skylight is between 700 and 900 yuan, while the better is between 1200 yuan and 1,800 yuan.

2. For the window price of 1,500 yuan, the layout is flexible and the structure is simple. At the same time, it can prevent the emergence of glare. If the roof under the use of safety glass is located in the metal protective net, in order to prevent glare, a grating consisting of skylights can be used. In addition, in order to prevent the condensation of water droplets, it is also possible to set the openings of the water and the gutter.

Attic skylights should pay attention to what

1, As we all know, due to the narrower area of ​​this area, brightness and ventilation are particularly critical, if not properly modified, it will make people feel depressed, of course, if the transformation is ingenious, it will make people beyond imagination, and because the attic is at the top , Direct sunlight, so the skylight transformation must ensure that the attic temperature is appropriate, as soon as possible to use heat insulation material to transform.

2, in the layout, waterproof work can not be ignored, if the transformation process, the sealing work is not done in place, in the rain, the window will directly leak, causing trouble to the owners, so the attic skylight should be carefully made waterproof treatment, In order to ensure that no problem occurs in the more severe weather.

3. At the end of the renovation, it is also necessary to pay attention to coordination with the overall dress, so that it not only plays a role in gas circulation, but also maintains consistency with the attic dressing style. By selecting suitable materials, the appropriate shape and size are designed, and Install a design to achieve a good decorative effect.

Summary: The above is about the attic opening skylight is good article introduction, hope most readers have already got further understanding to the attic open skylight okay , of course if you have better suggestions and ideas, please feel free to consult Xiaobian.

Loft open skylight loft how to open the skylight

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