Diversification of protective measures for European and American textile and apparel trade

North America: Focus on consumer product safety and energy consumption

From the notifications released in North America in 2009, especially the industry distribution notified by the United States, in 2009, without releasing a technical trade report under the textile category, in 2010, the American model design will continue to focus on children. Consumer goods develop relevant regulations. In this year, there will be specific targeted trade and technical measures in children's clothing, printing and dyeing.
In addition, in the field of furniture miscellaneous goods, standards and procedures approved by third-party conformity assessment agencies have been stipulated, so manufacturers of textile-related companies must pay attention to this trend and should pay attention to upstream suppliers in selection and printing and dyeing. verification.
At the same time, the trend of emphasizing consumer product safety is also becoming more apparent. In 2009, the three-valve group in China's spinning service market rebounded. At the same time, some trade friction incidents and product recall incidents were also initiated. Therefore, in 2010, we may often see two words - the US Consumer Product Safety Commission and the European Union RAPEX system (rapid consumption notification system for non-edible consumables), along with the three words that are likely to be seen regularly. Recalls and fines.
In recent years, Europe and the United States have a large number of financial machinery models to support related research projects such as consumer product risk safety assessment. Therefore, it is conceivable that assessment reports issued by the EU RAPEX system will become more and more complete in the future, and notifications about consumer product safety will also increase. more.
G/TBT/N/USA/486 also heralds a trend for the registration of consumer product safety. The notification relates to durable children's products, and it informs the Consumer Product Safety Commission of the United States of a final consumer product safety code that requires each manufacturer of durable infant and young child products: oilheaters to attach a postage-paid consumer registration form to each product; The merchant registers the consumer record for the product; retains the manufacturer's permanent address and contact information, model name and model number, and the date of manufacture of each product. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is working on the implementation of the decree. This consumption registration requirement may be extended to other product areas in 2010.
Experts remind that most of the notifications issued by the United States in 2009 are energy consumption and equipment manufacturing. This reflects the textile industry. We can predict that in 2010, North America may introduce some technical standards on textile machinery. . Therefore, related companies such as eco-friendly fabrics and textile equipment must pay attention to this trend in the United States. At the same time as research and development, they must pay more attention to the trend of apparel design training in the United States and Germany.

EU: Continue to Lead the Wind with High-grade Fabrics

The EU region will continue to dominate the trend of high-end textile products and environmentally friendly fashion standards. In addition, in respect of technical regulations, the EU continues to carry forward the "broad and profound" style. There will be a series of detailed appendix explanations on how to proceed each stage, when each member state will be transformed, and what areas will be excluded from any race. In the second half of 2009, the notification of the EU textile service was all the previously reported supplements printed on the paint booth. In mid-2009, a new working framework for the EU EUP Directive was also issued. Therefore, in 2010, the textile enterprises that do business with the EU must not ignore the contents of the supplements to the notification. Do not miss the first time to understand some special conditions and new exceptions. Even the technology trade report in the United States now has such a tendency. The annual supplementary notifications account for more than 25% of all notifications.

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