Diatom mud how much money a square meter wall do diatom mud to pay attention to what

Diatom mud is a new type of wall decoration material that is very popular nowadays, because the diatom mud is well decorated, and it not only has a special texture but it is also environmentally friendly. However, diatom mud is not a finished product. It is a dry powder and requires secondary processing by a construction worker. Then, how much do the walls of diatom mud do a square meter of it? What do you want to pay attention to when doing the diatom mud on the wall? The following is a small series for everyone to solve these problems.

Diatom mud how much money a square meter

1. How much is a diatom mud a square meter? Because the cost of diatom mud on the wall includes material and construction costs, the price is not the same. Different diatom mud and different construction prices are different. For example, diatom mud has a large construction area, simple process, and simple color. Its diatom mud price is about 100 yuan per square meter. For the construction techniques of fabric, silk, ceramic, and Touwe, the raw materials needed will be more and the construction time will be longer, so the price will be more expensive. Such as European-style printing, but also two-color printing or three-color overprint of these patterns, the construction price will be more expensive, the diatom mud about the price of 200 yuan per square meter or more.

2. How much does diatom mud cost one square meter? If you look at the cost of diatom mud, it's actually not expensive, and it costs about tens of yuan per square meter. Its price depends mainly on the diatom mud brand and the ability to purify the air. Diatom mud has a good brand and strong air purification capability, and its price will naturally be more expensive.

What should you watch out for when doing diatom mud on the wall?

1. Do diatom mud on the wall to pay attention to the construction not to be directly exposed to the sun, but also to avoid contact with strong winds. Therefore, the construction must also choose a good weather, and the walls made of diatom mud need to be naturally dried. Drying is the best method.

2. Since diatom mud is a water-soluble decorative material, contact with water must be avoided during construction and should not be wetted by rain. Otherwise, its effect is not good after construction.

3. Because diatom mud is a powdery decorative material and requires secondary processing to form it, there may be some differences in its color or physical properties, but this is normal.

4. During construction, the construction temperature should not be too low. If the temperature is lower than 5°C, the construction must be suspended. Otherwise, the construction will be affected and there will be a series of problems after construction.

5. In the construction, do not let children close to the construction site. Construction personnel should also take protective measures and do not allow them to enter the eyes.

6. Before the construction, the basement layer on the wall must be treated. It must be cleaned first and then brushed two or three times before putty. This is to avoid cracking or emptying after construction, and this effect after construction very good.

The article concludes: How much is a diatom and a square meter of it? From the above we can know that its price is affected by many factors, such as: construction area, construction technology and diatom mud purification air capacity. When diatom mud is done on the wall, it also needs to pay attention to many aspects, such as the above five points, we must pay special attention to it, so that the finished diatom mud wall will be better.

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