Dangerous Goods Shipment and Driving Safety Operation Procedures

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First, the dangerous operation safety operation regulations

1. Pilots engaged in transportation of dangerous chemicals must abide by the laws, regulations, and corporate safety management systems concerning the transport of dangerous goods, and strictly follow the prescribed safe operating procedures;

2. After receiving the hazardous chemical transportation task, it actively seeks information from the shipping unit on the characteristics of the dangerous goods it transports as well as emergency response measures and other relevant information, and proficiently masters it;

3. The entire process assists the escort to supervise the loading of the goods to ensure that the goods packaging is safe and securely tied, and no spillage or loss occurs during the journey;

4. Check the status of vehicle safety components, facilities, and equipment, find out conditions and timely maintain and correct them to ensure that the entire vehicle is in good condition while driving, and the safety facilities are complete and effective;

5 , strictly in accordance with the specified traffic lanes, for special reasons need to temporarily change the line, must be requested in advance, agreed to be implemented;

6. During the driving process, midway parking must not be stopped. If there is a special reason to stop, you must avoid crowded areas such as schools, institutions, towns, etc., and report to the local public security department and company for approval in advance.

7. When an accident occurs in the course of driving, it should be treated with calmness, and the escort should carefully analyze the situation on the site, make accurate judgments, carry out the rescue according to the corresponding emergency plan, and report to the public security, fire control, environmental protection, safety supervision and other management departments and companies;

8. When the goods are delivered to the consignee, the escort will assist the escort to complete the formalities for delivery of the goods, return after cleaning and disinfecting, and the non-corporate arrangements shall not be carried out without authorization.

Second, dangerous goods shipping operation procedures

1. When transporting highly toxic or dangerously irritating dangerous goods, it is necessary to effectively control its chemical properties, wear appropriate protective equipment, and do a good job of protective measures for the human body.

2. When shipping flammable and explosive materials, you must ensure that the vehicles are in good condition and the fire protection equipment is complete and effective.

3. Dangerous cargoes with unknown characteristics and no detailed technical description information shall not be shipped.

4. Poisonous and dangerous goods that have not been approved by the public security department and obtained the "Highly toxic chemicals road transport permit" cannot be shipped.

5. Dangerous goods of conflicting nature must not be mixed and shipped.

6. Dangerous goods that do not meet the packaging requirements as stipulated in the "Transport Regulations for Motor Vehicle Hazardous Materials" cannot be shipped.

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