Dalan Motors analyzed the reasons for the burnout of the special motors for hydraulic oil pumps. In the final analysis, they are still doing a blame!

Motor burnout is a common issue. When the motor is running, the allowable temperature of the outer ring of the bearing should not exceed 95 ° C. If this limit is exceeded, the temperature of the bearing of the motor dedicated for the hydraulic oil pump will continue to rise, and even cause burnout. Today, the editor of Dalan Motor will show you the root cause.

1. Classification of factors causing motor overheating and burning

There are many factors that cause abnormal bearing temperature, and the severity of the corresponding faults varies.

(1) If the bearing of the motor in operation has been damaged, it may cause the motor bearing to overheat.

(2) When changing the grease, if the impurities of hard particles are mixed or the bearing is not cleaned cleanly, it will increase the bearing wear and overheat, and may even damage the bearing.

(3) The motor bearings run for a long time without oil, friction losses increase, and the bearings overheat.

(4) The grease grade is incorrect.

(5) The inner ring of the bearing and the shaft, the outer ring of the bearing and the bearing housing of the end cover are too loose or too tight, too tight will deform the bearing, and too loose will easily cause "running ring". This type of problem was introduced in the original tweet.

(6) Too much grease blocking in rolling bearings. When checking the bearing temperature, you can use an infrared tester to check the temperature of the bearing outer cover at different points, and mark the higher temperature points, you can find that there is more grease accumulated in the bearing cover.

(7) The grease has impurities, is too dirty, and is too thick. In such cases, the bearing will be subject to intermittent or overall resistance when rotating, the motor will not rotate flexibly, and the bearing temperature will be high, which will also affect the efficiency of the motor or cause bearing noise.

(8) During the operation of the motor, if the belt pulley is used for transmission, the belt is too tight or too loose; the assembly is poor when the coupling is used for transmission, or the center of the motor and the mechanical shaft to be dragged is not on the same straight line, which increases the bearing load and generates heat.

(9) The cover at both ends of the motor or the bearing cover is not assembled, and it is usually not parallel, which causes the bearing to not be in the correct position; the cause of this problem is also that the seat stop and the end cover stop fit loosely.

(10) Due to improper assembly, the screws of the fixed end caps are inconsistently tightened, the motor operation process leads to non-concentricity, slight bearing heat will occur, and the motor will be burned when the bearing is loose.

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