Conditioning bathroom feng shui layout show "suck gold"

Mentioned bathroom, people often consider the most is how to create a clean, beautiful and comfortable bathroom paradise, and few people know, in fact, Feng Shui layout in the bathroom in the entire family Feng Shui layout also plays an important role, Affects the income and wealth of the entire family.
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The five elements in the bathroom are water, and the main property is the place that affects the financial position of the family. Although the fixed pipe design and installation of modern buildings make it inconvenient for us to reconstruct the bathroom, we can still use other methods to adjust the feng shui layout in the bathroom, avoid weaknesses, and create a beautiful and enjoyable environment. With "sucking gold Dafa" bathroom!

â—†The best location: positive east and southeast

In addition to the other positions besides the east and southeast, it is not advisable to make a bathroom, and it is even more inappropriate to be located in the center of the house. However, the position of most family bathrooms is fixed and difficult to move. In this case, items can be used to resolve the negative effects. Due to soil and water, northeast and southwest are the most unfavorable bathroom locations, and they are very unfavorable for wealth and health. If it is not possible to change the location, it is best to move the toilet and not be in these two directions in the room.

You can put sea salt in a white pottery bowl in the northeast or southwest of the room, or put a heavy iron sculpture on it to dissolve the water; the sanitary room in the north will lead to flooding and consume energy. Money; while the bathroom in Jung Nam will lead to lack of passion and ease of involvement in legal proceedings. Tall plants can be planted to consume water energy, and they can absorb moisture and produce fresh oxygen. Bathrooms in the west and northwest, due to gold and water, gold can be depleted by water, eventually leading to the consumption and loss of money. Planting white flowers to create gold energy, or preparing white flowers in the room, placing round silver pots or metal sculptures.

The ideal location of the bathroom should be in the area of ​​the homestead, preferably in the east and southeast. Because these two directions are all wood, water can produce wood, and the water vapor in the bathroom can produce five rows of wood gas in the east and southeast. At the same time, these two directions are usually the sunny part of the house, helping to keep the room dry.

However, it should be noted that since toilet flushing and bathing water flow downwards and are opposed to the upward growth of wood, tall plants can be planted in the bathroom, or wooden floors can be laid with fresh green towels. Mats to increase upward wood energy.

â—†The best pattern: the shape is square, should not be small

Water is the main element in the bathroom, and the juicy room is definitely more humid than other rooms, which can cause heavy airflow. Therefore, the bathroom must be kept dry, pay attention to dehumidification, ventilation, it is best to open a higher window, so that the sun is full, air circulation. If it is closed and poorly ventilated, it will be detrimental to the family.

If there is no window in the bathroom, exhaust fans must be installed to remove the exhaust gas. If there is enough space, the bathroom is rather big and not small, so as to avoid the accumulation of moisture and lead to stagnant accumulation of gas, thereby damaging wealth and health. In addition, the shape of the bathroom should be square, avoid triangles, arcs and deformities.

In the bathroom, only necessary supplies should be placed. It is not appropriate to stack too many sundries. This not only makes the bathroom environment appear more disorganized, but also filth, affecting the health of the owner.

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