Comprehensive analysis of children's room feng shui series children's bed details

The owner of the bed in the children's room refers to those children under the age of ten who are unable to take care of themselves and need care, but represent the future of the family. It is the parents' responsibility to misplace the children's bed; it is the indisputable responsibility of the parents.

Do not have headlights and beams on children's beds

For children's beds, no pressure is the most fundamental, because the child's weak body and mind need more shelter. Especially the things that can't be underestimated include the ceiling lights and beams, which are by no means trivial. I also value the information that the color conveys. Some people think that they don't work, but from the feng shui, a dark wall covering is as much a pressure as a big chandelier.

The orientation of the children's bed is as follows: make the bed head facing east or southeast. In both the east and southeast directions, the elephants represent the flowers and trees in nature. The head of the bed points to the wooden side, and the child can extract the power of the wood from it and grow like a plant. Another method of determining bed orientation needs to be combined with the sleeper's numerology. The people of Himu are heading east or southeast, and the people who are fond of the fire are facing south. The bed of the people in the earth is not limited. The people who like the gold are facing the northwest or the west, and the people who like the water are facing north.

The children's bed is placed against the wall by the bed.

Like the adult bed, the bedside of the children's room should also be reliable. Once there is a reliance, Feng Shui is called "Xuanwu." "Xuanwu has a defensive" can bring valuables to the cause of adulthood. The value and significance of children are mainly reflected in life and learning. At the same time, the children's bed is best placed against the wall, solid, indicating that there is no worries, sleep and sleep. At least rely on a wall to fight for two or three sides. Unlike a crib, the practice of placing a child's bed in the middle of the bedroom is a bit confusing, because it means being helpless, meaning awkward. Behind the bedside, there is also a "virtual". The frame behind the window, the door opening, the mirror, and the theme of the water are all "virtual".

The furnishings in the children's room should be consistent with the identity of the child to avoid dissonance. Major home items such as bookcases, writing desks, and bed beds should be noted. Children are not allowed to sleep in adult beds. Adult beds in children's rooms can cause a lot of inconvenience. Not only occupying the place, but also crowding out the limited space in the room, children's rooms without activity space can not be tolerated. At the same time, this collocation method also disrupts the hidden principle of the one-to-one correspondence between objects and people. Judging from the wind and water, they are not big or small, lack of order, and disordered.

The wind chime in the room is not suitable for children.

Wind chimes are mainly used to deal with sonar in the wind and water, and it is the maker of the sound itself. Wind chimes are really sweet, but this kind of sound is not suitable for everyone, all places. For example, it is not appropriate to hang a wind chime in an elderly room. So the children's room is not suitable? Answer this question, one sentence is unclear. First of all, the wind chimes are easy to distract children, so they don’t care, and the unexpected ringtones will interrupt the children’s thinking activities at any time. However, if it is in the infancy before childhood, the situation is just the opposite: hanging a wind chime above the top of the bed helps to correct the baby's gaze.

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