CNR builds “the capital of track equipment manufacturing industry” in Changchun

Recently, it was learned from China CNR Co., Ltd. that the relocation project of Changchun Rail Transit Equipment Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of CNR, officially laid the foundation for the Changchun Rail Transit Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park, marking the cooperation between CNR and Changchun City of Jilin Province. The equipment manufacturing industry has made new progress.

After the completion of the new plant, it will form four core functions of railway bus repair, EMU repair, carbon steel car manufacturing and axle and wheelset repair, forming the ability to match the long-term international passenger rail R&D base of Changke Co., Ltd. The implementation of the project is of great significance for promoting the development of the rail transit equipment industry in Changchun, maintaining its leading position and competitive advantage in the country, and seizing the market opportunities.

In order to further accelerate the maintenance of EMUs, and vigorously develop and develop rail vehicle parts to meet the rapid development of rail vehicle equipment manufacturing industry, in April 2010, CNR began to build an industry integrating R&D, manufacturing, repair and support. The chain started the overall relocation project of Changke Equipment Co., and strived to achieve a new leap in the core capabilities of Changke Equipment Company in two to three years.

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