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Which kind of cloth sofa cushion is good? Sofa cushions are a must-have household item in every family. No set of sofas can lack a sofa cushion. Therefore, cushions have become an essential choice for many families. Many people choose fabric sofa cushions to choose good-looking and ignore practical Sex. Come here today to tell you what kind of cloth sofa cushion is good? How to clean the cloth sofa cushion? I hope you like it.

1. The material is so fabric sofa cushion

There are many materials for fabric sofa cushions, such as cotton, plush, linen, chemical fiber, plant fiber and so on. Among them, linen fabric sofa cushions are a good choice and have a good temperature adjustment function. Whether it is winter or summer, it is more suitable. It also has the advantages of moisture absorption and heat dissipation, good air permeability and so on.

2. Touch

I thought the sofa cushion was under the buttocks, so the comfort must be good. When choosing a sofa cushion, you can feel how the sofa cushion feels with your hands, and then feel comfortable when you purchase.

3. Workmanship

When choosing a sofa cushion, workmanship is an important consideration. With good workmanship, the quality of its products is good. Especially at the corners where the wiring is fine, regular and free of threading is a good cloth sofa cushion.

4. Color

The color of a good sofa cushion must be matched with the sofa or the sofa cover, so you must pay attention to the matching of the color with other colors of the living room when purchasing, and you can not choose it according to your own preferences.

How to clean the sofa cushion

Generally, the sofa cushions are made of outer cover and filler, which can be divided into two types: removable and non-removable.

Because of their different structures, their cleaning methods are also different.

1. Removable sofa cushion

When cleaning the removable sofa cushion, the outer cover and the inner filling can be cleaned separately. The outer cover can be hand-washed, machine-washed or dry-cleaned according to its material.

The internal filling is mainly based on its material. Some materials cannot be washed in water, so they are usually placed in the sun to dry and sterilized with ultraviolet light. The inner filling that can be washed with water can be directly hand-washed or machine-washed.

2. Non-removable sofa cushion

The cleaning method of this sofa cushion is relatively complicated, because it is not known whether the internal filling is suitable for washing with water. If it can be washed by water, then it is best to wash by hand, because machine washing is more harmful to it, causing the internal filler to shift.

In fact, if the stitching is good, you can also disassemble the sofa cushion and then clean it, but this method is too much trouble compared to the above method.

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