Citizens shouted at the ATM to install protective cabins

ATM adds a protective cabin With ATMs and bank cards guilty of crimes, Dongguan has to install security protection compartments for more than 6000 ATMs in the city to provide all-round protection for the citizens to deposit and withdraw funds. However, this measure, praised by a large number of bank users, only heard thunder, and the rain was very small.

According to the requirements of the public security department, all banks in Dongguan must implement the construction of various security facilities in the first half of the year in accordance with standards to ensure that the reconstruction of existing bank self-service equipment is completed. However, the Yangcheng Evening News reporter learned that it is now July, even in the pilot Wanjiang District, there are still some banks ATM equipment has not yet been reconstructed, ATMs in other regions, only a few rebuilt.

A person familiar with the situation told reporters that the cost of retrofitting and refitting of the ATM protection bay in Dongguan was entirely dictated by banks, and many banks had hundreds of ATM terminals. At present, only a few outlets have been equipped with protective cabs.

There is a call alarm button. The reporter learned that, as a pilot area for the standardized construction of bank self-service equipment safety precautions, every bank self-service equipment in bank branches of Wanjiang South China Mall has installed security protection modules. The security compartment is made of tempered glass and is a delicate rectangular glass cover installed outside the ATM. The cabin is covered with a translucent film. When the public accesses the payment, they enter the security compartment and lock the door to complete the cash service in a completely closed and independent space, preventing others from seeing their operation.

At the ATM of the Bank of China Post Bank, after the reporter entered the security bay, the door was automatically closed and there was a door bolt on the door. They could independently choose not to lock it. Inside the shelter, the police can display slogans such as "Close the door, beware of robbery," and "beware of false notifications." Card withdrawals, ATM will also issue "beware of false notices, there are questions directly contact the bank" and other tips, security warnings significantly more than the average ATM machine. The reporter noticed that next to the ATM machine, emergency call buttons and 110 alarm buttons were also installed. In addition, there is a 360-degree dead-end video surveillance system outside the cabin and a police electronic patrol check-in point.

The public praises the sense of security. Many citizens think that with the protection of the protective cabin, there is a sense of security when accessing money. "At least the password will not be stolen. The person next to me will not know how much money I can use." At the ATM self-service facility of Dongguan Wanjiang Huanan Mall China Bank, Mr. Wang, who just took the money, told reporters that ATMs equipped with security protection cabins provide more security for citizens who access the money.

Miss Tsang who worked in Nancheng said that ATM security guards allow citizens to operate in closed spaces, at least to reduce the number of crimes that are financially rewarded. This is still good.

The banking industry in Dongguan City has developed rapidly. From the statistical data in mid-May of this year, there are 1,295 banking outlets, 2,761 self-service bank self-service banks, and 6,371 bank self-service facilities in Dongguan. Correspondingly, ATMs and bank card crimes are also in a high-risk situation. Since the beginning of this year, Dongguan has cracked 140 such cases, destroyed 3 criminal gangs and arrested more than 30 criminal suspects.

Few have been rebuilt According to the requirements of the Dongguan Public Security Department, Dongguan banks must implement the construction of various security facilities in the first half of the year in accordance with standards to ensure that all existing bank self-service equipment reconstruction work is completed.

However, after a visit by the reporter, it was discovered that of the more than 6,000 ATMs currently installed in Dongguan, ATMs that have been retrofitted with security capsules accounted for only a small portion. An insider of a state-owned bank in Dongguan revealed to reporters that their bank has nearly a thousand ATMs, and only a few of them have been reconstructed.

The reporter conducted an interview on the reconstruction of the bank's ATM security guards, and all banks were reluctant to respond positively. However, from the perspective of market restructuring, many banks do not actually initiate any rebuilding work. The reporter learned that the installation of protective cabins on ATMs, Dongguan local banks such as Dongguan Rural Commercial Bank, Dongguan Bank, etc. are still relatively active, and some other commercial banks have not even implemented ATM security protection cabin reconstruction project.

To "bleed" the bank to quit, "this measure lacks feasibility." Some bankers told reporters that for some new outlets and new ATM equipment, banks are willing to install security protection cabins to ensure the security of more depositors. However, it is necessary to reconstruct the ATM terminals of all the current outlets. This is not only a huge project, but also it is not feasible. The banker said that adding ATMs to ATMs may have a deterrent effect on ATM crimes, but it is by no means a major role. The public security department will transfer the cost of ATM crimes to banks. It is not for the Dongguan banking community. Accredited.

The reporter learned that the installation of the security protection module for all ATM equipment in Dongguan was rebuilt, and the requirements were implemented by various commercial banks, and the fees were also paid by various banks. "The state-owned banks have to apply for approval at all levels of the expenses and it is impossible to realize a full-scale retrofit in a short period of time." Bankers told reporters that because of different materials and functions, the number of security protection compartments was between 7,000 yuan and 10,000 yuan. Yuan ranged from Dongguan to more than 6000 ATMs to install protective compartments, which means that the bank will have to spend about 60 million yuan.

“Banks have earned enough money and have used some money to tweak the depositors to do real things and hesitated.” The attitude of various banks in the renovation of ATM equipment is not unfavorable. Mr. Wang of Wanjiang stated that the bank’s inaction is very unreasonable. . Mr. Wang believes that banks should make contributions to protect depositors' personal and property safety when depositing deposits.

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