Chinese orders record Japanese machine tool machinery ushers in spring

Two days ago, the Kobe Steel Plant in Japan broke out with a sensational "fake scandal", which may even make this century-old store face the bankruptcy crisis like Toshiba, which was financially fraudulent last year. In addition to Kobe and Toshiba, the pride that Japan once made - "NEC, Sharp, Panasonic", etc., is also in crisis, and the following news may spur the spirit of Japanese manufacturing. According to the Nihon Keizai Shimbun reported on October 17, under the background of the global manufacturing sluggishness, orders from China made the Japanese companies earn "full of pots." The article said that in order to improve its own manufacturing level, China's investment in this area is almost "all-out." According to data released by Japan Machine Tool Industry Association (JapanMachineToolBuilders' Association), in August this year, the value of orders from China reached 30.2 billion yen (about 1.78 billion yuan), 2.8 times that of last year. One of the companies that received the most orders, MakinoMilling Machine, received the highest order ever in six months. At the same time, in terms of industrial robot orders, according to Japan Robot Association (Japan Robot Association) statistics, Japan's robot exports to China in the second quarter of this year also rose by 33.2%, reaching a new high of 176.5 billion yen (about 10.4 billion yuan). In addition, the third "hot buy" project for Chinese people is construction machinery, such as the most common "excavator". Komatsu, one of the world's largest manufacturers, said that according to Komatsu's IoT system, Komatsu's remote control management system (Komtrax), the usage rate of Komatsu machinery purchased by Chinese companies in September. It rose by 2.3%. And Komatsu's competitor, Caterpillar, also said that China's demand for construction machinery has increased significantly. The Nikkei believes that China's machinery manufacturing demand may be due to the demand for public works construction, the market may be volatile, but on the other hand, China is almost "high-precision" equipment that can improve the manufacturing level. "Go all out". According to the article, an oven manufacturing company in Zhejiang, China is urging Japanese companies to increase the production of industrial robots. The general order of snow flakes has been flying to Japan for the simple reason that Japanese companies can lower their prices compared to American competitors. The price of producing high-tech components. Another example is Nippon Thompson, which manufactures rolling precision bearings. In the first half of the year, Dongpu increased production by 20% in an attempt to meet the needs of Chinese customers. At the same time, Dongpu also hired new workers in Vietnam, with the goal of increasing production capacity from the current 70%-80% to 90%. Daikyo, a supplier of Komatsu Machinery, said, “The Chinese market is booming. Last year, Daikyo produced 3,000 units of parts. This year’s demand has more than tripled. The current demand has reached 10,000 units, and in the future. Time will continue. But in the end, some Japanese companies are worried that China's demand may come mainly from fixed-equity investment, which may mean that demand will fall back in the future. In this regard, Komatsu Machinery and Hitachi Construction Machinery (HitachiConstructionMachinery) said that they will continue to observe China's economic development in the second half of this year. However, the concerns of Japanese companies may be redundant. Yesterday, central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan said in the United States that the economic growth momentum has rebounded this year. The GDP growth rate in the first half of the year reached 6.9%, and it is expected to achieve 7% in the second half. Moreover, according to the results of the census, the urbanization rate is about 50%; if the sample analysis method is used to count the number of people living in urban areas for six months, the urbanization rate is 57%. This means that a large number of farmers are still moving to the city. Although these people may have found jobs in the city, they have not yet settled in the city. Therefore, China's urbanization process is still at a high-speed development stage, resulting in a large demand for steel and cement. Therefore, for Japanese companies, the strong development of China's economy is not a question mark, but a comma. China's demand for "high-precision" equipment will remain strong. What Japanese companies need to worry more about may be that the "crash" of Japanese companies in the past two years is making Japan "go down the altar"

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