Chinalco's innovative joint process alumina production process technology

Recently, China Aluminum Guizhou Branch actively carried out technological innovation, through four steps to promote the "three-level confluence", realized the Bayer-sintering two process confluence technology innovation, and formed an improved combined process alumina production process technology. Relying on the previous step, the Bayer-sintered semen confluence is realized; in the second step, the desiliconization overflow of the sintering method and the dissolution of the dissolved ore pulp are realized; in the third step, the full confluence of the medium-pressure desiliconization slurry and the Bayer-dissolved pulp is realized; and the fourth step is to use The partial sintering method dissolves the crude liquid instead of the washing liquid, and is injected into the flash evaporation system of the high-pressure dissolution unit, and the flash liquid waste heat is used for the desiliconization of the crude liquid. At the same time, a series of innovative technological achievements with independent intellectual property rights were formed in the process of Bayer-Burn combined flow technology innovation. The first time in the world, the use of non-agitation columnar flow decomposition technology was innovative and achieved significant results.

Chinalco, as the first batch of “Innovative Enterprise Pilot Work Units” in the country, relies on independent research and development of Bayer alumina production technology, intensified sintering alumina production technology, and lime Bayer alumina production technology, in the alumina production field Promote independent technological innovation, carry out scientific research, expand the use of resources, and significantly reduce energy consumption. At present, the company's alumina production ranks second in the world, its output of primary aluminum is the third in the world, its output of aluminum processing materials is the fifth in the world, its aluminum processing capacity is in Asia, and it has international advanced level and independent intellectual property rights, capable of handling various grades of aluminum. Alumina production technology for earth minerals and aluminum electrolysis technology for 400kA large prebaked electrolytic cells. Alumina and electrolytic aluminum technology levels and equipment manufacturing levels have ranked among the best in the world.