China's footwear industry to establish a brand to increase the added value to break through the difficulties

China's shoe industry breakthrough path: brand building to enhance added value.

The advantages of export competitiveness remain, and industrial upgrading is imperative. China’s rich raw material resources, sound industrial chain, huge processing capacity, sound sales and marketing network, political and social stability, and other comprehensive advantages that contribute to the sustainable development of the industry are difficult for other countries and regions in a short period of time. replaced. However, it cannot be denied that with the increase in labor costs and the expected appreciation of the renminbi, China’s competitive advantage has indeed gradually weakened. The large export volume but low added value is the biggest weakness of China's footwear export industry. Adjusting the industrial structure, increasing the added value of products, and shifting the business focus from production to processing to the promotion of brand value as the dominant business strategy contributes to the long-term competitiveness of Chinese shoe companies.

Export demand gradually recovered, but long-term growth slowed. The U.S. economy is in a good situation, residents’ purchasing power is beginning to recover, and will help boost industry exports. The trend of strong export orders in the first quarter of the industry is expected to continue, but the euro zone’s economic outlook is the biggest uncertainty, bringing about certain recovery in the export market. risk. We predict that the growth of footwear exports to the EU in the second half of the year will slow to 5-10%.

The domestic market has broad prospects. Consumption upgrades promote retail growth. The continuous increase in residents' income and the upgrading of consumer structure will lead to the growth of apparel and footwear retail sales. The low-end products will benefit from the rapid growth of consumption in third-tier cities and the high-end products will benefit from the growth of middle-class groups. With the deepening of brand awareness, companies with brand advantages will lead the market, and establishing a brand corresponding to the market ladder will become an important factor for enterprises to obtain long-term competitiveness.

Industry investment strategy: The industry's upstream manufacturing and processing companies are using low-cost, old-model business strategies that are no longer suitable for the long-term development of the company. Enhancing R&D and innovation capabilities and increasing product value added and brand value are the breakthrough paths. At the same time, relying on the extremely promising domestic market with a population of 1.3 billion people, actively building strong brands that correspond to market demand levels and establishing a sound retail network will be the opening stone to the downstream of the industry.

Industry rating "synchronous", with high added value and strong brand company recommendation: Upstream company Jiuxing Holdings, the company's solid foundation, with technology and brand advantages, is a high value-added enterprises, the mainland has high prospects for high-end retail business, through the long-term market correction opportunities Buying; Downstream company Daphne has great potential in the third and fourth tier cities and low-end rural markets. The brand is operating maturely and has a high market share. Compared with its peers, its future growth is relatively high, but its current valuation is low, which indicates that it is concerned and not rated.

Epoxy Self Leveling Sand (Self-Leveling) / Self-leveling epoxy sand (floating sand self-leveling)

Product Overview:
Epoxy self-leveling sand is an environmentally friendly material, low odor, solvent-free, wear-resistant, self-leveling decorative coating of epoxy sand floor, which consists of a special effect of flowing sand aggregate and polymer resin composition, with Rich colors, excellent weatherability, wear resistance, compression, chemical resistance and excellent anti-skid performance, stable and reliable performance, decorative appearance.
Performance characteristics:
1, excellent impact resistance;
2, excellent wear resistance, wear ≤ 20mg (750g / 500r);
3, good skid resistance, friction coefficient ≥ 0.60;
4, excellent acid and alkali resistance;
5, a good decorative effect
6, construction is simple;
Scope of adaptation:
Schools, hospitals, offices, offices, exhibition rooms, exhibition halls, kitchens, stores, laboratories, restaurants, pharmaceuticals, tobacco industry and so on.
Construction Conditions:
Base surface temperature: 10 ℃ ~ 30 ℃;
 Basis moisture content: <4%;
 Ambient temperature: 10 ℃ ~ 30 ℃;
And higher than the dew point temperature above 3 ℃;
 Relative humidity: ≤ 80%;
Construction Technology
1, the base surface treatment: grinding, cleaning the surface of floating pulp, dust cleaning surface oil, repair holes, cracks
2, epoxy primer: infiltration to the base surface, increase the strength of the base surface and increase the adhesion of the base layer with the surface of the capillary closure of the capillary gap, to avoid the coating material further down infiltration, thus affecting the coating effect
3, epoxy coating: to improve the strength of the entire system to improve the defects of the base surface, such as potholes, small cracks to improve the flatness of the base coating mortar layer and putty layer, according to the needs of the ground design and selection
4, self-leveling Caisha surface coating
5, super wear-resistant surface coating (for selection)
Construction Tools:
3-5mm toothed trowel, defoaming drum, spikes, mixer and mixing sticks
Construction steps:
Regional protection (for a variety of colors) --- Clean --- stirring material --- cleaning protective tape --- defoaming
1, the material should be mixed evenly, at the same time in the course of the need to re-expected, the barrel material mixing can be construction;
2, to use the same thickness trowel, the construction of a large area when the construction of a certain amount of area to check the trowel depth, such as tooth wear must be replaced trowel;
3, remember that since the construction of self-leveling sand must wear spikes defoaming, first with the trowel master defoaming, separated by a period of time to the construction area defoaming;
4, a variety of colors of construction, we must have done a good job of color protection, and at the same time in the construction of the region, within five minutes to protect the material clean, so as not to protect the material stick to the ground;
5, the amount of material can not be less than 2.5KG / ㎡;
6, since the construction of self-leveling sand painted layer before leveling to be closed, can not have holes.

Epoxy Self Leveling Sand (Self-Leveling)

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