Change the home feng shui so that your double twelve is no longer alone

The Singles Day in 2014 has passed. Are you still single? Seeing that the Double 12 is coming, friends who want to end singles may wish to take a look at today's special recommendations! We can use the home Feng Shui to help you. Let's take a look at the feng shui layout method of the 2014 peach blossoms, so that your double 12 is no longer alone.

First, find the peach blossom position

To use the home Feng Shui layout to attract peaches, you must first know where your peach blossoms are. The method for determining the peach blossom position according to the genus is as follows: the person who belongs to the pig, the rabbit, and the sheep has the peach blossom position in the north of the house, and the person who belongs to the snake, the chicken, and the cow takes the position of the south of the house as the peach flower position, which belongs to the tiger. The horse and the dog are the peach blossoms in the east position of the house. The monkeys, rats, and dragons have the peach blossom position in the west of the house.

Second, the method of recruiting peach

1. Put your bed on the peach blossom position, the effect of Wangtaohua is the most obvious.

2, placed flowers in the peach flower position, the color of the flower is better with red, yellow and other bright colors, the number of flowers is double.

3, light up the peach blossom position, if the peach blossom position is just in the sunny place, try to open the curtains, let the sun shine enough to make the peach blossoms, let the peach blossoms open as soon as possible. If the peach flower position is not very good, you can put a table lamp, a small lamp and other methods on the peach flower position to illuminate the peach blossom position and promote the peach blossom.

4. Plants with peach blossoms in the living room can not only create a calm, warm and peaceful environment, but also enhance the feelings of lovers and friends to a certain extent. For example, rich bamboos, rich trees, etc., not only can make fresh oxygen, it is good for health, but also symbolizes the vitality of emotions.

5, put some fish in the peach blossom position on the peach flower position can also promote the peach blossom, of course, must fish in the fish tank, and it is best to raise bright goldfish, breeding squid is not appropriate, because squid remind Wealth and profitable business, helpless to peach blossom.

6, according to numerology to choose their own clothing color, especially underwear, can enhance their fortune, peach blossom is no exception. For example, people who wish to live in the woods can add some green series of clothing.

7, while placing at home, or wearing some mascots with a very obvious role in peach blossom, such as placing a marriage bottle or wearing love, it is more conducive to their own peach blossom.

8. Participate in a friend's marriage or a newlywed couple's party, you can get into the joy of others, you can also meet many new friends on this occasion, maybe your peach blossoms may be in it.

I hope that through the help of the Xiaobian editor of Guangdong Home Network, people who know love can find true love, and people who are single can also be happy.

Guangdong home network editor, the article comes from the Internet.

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