Causes and preventive measures of apricot rotten fruit in greenhouse

The apricot rotten fruit in the greenhouse gives the fruit farmers a headache, and timely pesticide control and comprehensive prevention are the key. China's pesticide network Xiaobian for your support, prevention of shed apricot rotten fruit:
1 Causes of rotten fruit (1) Insufficient lighting in the shed. The first is affected by cloudy weather or rain and snow; followed by dust on the surface of the shed film, resulting in insufficient light in the greenhouse, excessive humidity, and young fruit growing in the dark air for a long time, easily causing rotten fruit.
(2) The temperature of the shed is too high, and the shed film is dripped downwards and the ventilation conditions are poor. In the young fruit period, if the temperature in the greenhouse exceeds 28 °C, the water droplets on the shed film will drip directly on the surface of the young fruit, causing rotten fruit.
(3) The protection of the drug is not timely. Due to people's misunderstanding: apricot trees are cultivated under shed conditions, without the spread of wind and rain, insects and other germs, and will not develop disease, so there is no need to spray or spray less fungicides, causing apricot sores to breed, leading to rotten fruit.
(4) There are attachments on the surface of young fruit. According to the pesticide network , due to the poor ventilation conditions in the greenhouse, the humidity is too large. After the apricot flower, many petals do not fade, but directly attached to the surface of the young fruit. As the young fruit grows and develops, the petals are wetted by moisture, and the parts in contact with the petals are in a mildew state for a long time, causing the fruit to rot.
(5) Golden sun apricot and other varieties, strong self-flowering strength, easy to form string flower branches, with the growth and development of young fruit, the fruit grows, the fruit and fruit are crowded with each other, when the temperature and humidity are suitable, the scab invasion Dyeing, causing rotten fruit.
2 Preventive measures (1) Improve lighting conditions and adjust temperature and humidity. Use high-quality no-drop film, if it is used old shed film, it should remove the dust on the surface of the shed film in time to increase its transparency. In cloudy weather and rain and snow, it is best to install fluorescent lamps in the shed to supplement the lighting and increase the temperature of the shed. Try to use a light-transparent spindle type on the tree. When it is sunny, pay attention to timely ventilation and keep the temperature of the chamber below 28 °C, and the relative humidity is about 60%.
(2) Thinning and thinning, reasonable load. For varieties with strong knot strength, when flowering and fruiting are frequent, the flowers should be thinned and thinned, and it is generally appropriate to not touch the fruit when it is ripe.
(3) Remove surface attachments in time to keep the fruit surface clean. After the apricot flower, remove the non-falling petals in time, and remove the leaves covering the apricot fruit to prevent the fruit from causing rotten fruit.
(4) Remove the diseased fruit in time and concentrate on it.
(5) Spray pesticides in time . Spray according to the different phenological periods of apricot trees. Before germination, spray 5 ° stone sulfur mixture; after Xiehua, spray 70% methyl thiophanate 1000 times liquid; fruit expansion period, spray 80% carbendazim 600 ~ 800 times liquid; new shoot fast-growing period, spray 65% Mancozeb 1000 times solution.

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