Cauliflower fertilization technology

Cauliflower is also called broccoli, and the edible part is a deformed flower ball. The fertilization technique varies depending on the variety.
1. The early-maturing varieties of base fertilizers are short in growth period, and the base fertilizers should be applied with quick-acting nitrogen fertilizer. The application of urea is about 8 kg and the superphosphate is about 8 kg. The medium and late varieties have long growth period, and the base fertilizer should be applied with 1500 kg of fertilizer. It is applied to the soil and transplanted after planting.
2. Topdressing The initial application of cauliflower in the early stage of cultivation, thin application of quick-acting fertilizer 2% ~ 4% ammonium sulfate aqueous solution per acre about 700 kg, or 10% ~ 30% human excrement, about 700 kg each time, point root. When the flower ball is formed, the top dressing should be applied to promote the proliferation of leaves and flower balls. 40% of human excrement per acre is about 800 kg or 10 kg of urea, about 20 kg of superphosphate, about 8 kg of potassium sulfate, and watering.
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