Case of murder of Mizhi in Shaanxi Province continued: Prosecutors prosecuted criminal suspect Zhao Zewei in accordance with the law

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Shaanxi Mizhi Murder Case Continued

In the April 27, Shaanxi Mizhi malignant cases with a knife mutilation students, resulting in nine students die on the spot.

Because of the cruelty of the criminal suspect Zhao Zewei's committing the crime, the ridiculousness of the student's reasons (Zhao Zhao was bullied during his school years, and he hated him and raised his butcher knife to mutilate his innocent younger brother), and his social influence is bad, causing public opinion to be in vain!

April 28, the suspect Zhao Zewei be Mizhi County People's Procuratorate approved the arrest according to law. Month after Yulin City of Shaanxi Provincial People's Procuratorate official microblogging announced the news: May 28, 2018, according to the law of Yulin Municipal People's Procuratorate accused Zhao Zewei intentional homicide prosecution to the Yulin City Intermediate People's Court.

What is prosecution?

According to Article 172 of the Criminal Procedure Law : Where the People's Procuratorate believes that the criminal facts of the criminal suspect have been ascertained and the evidence is true and sufficient, if criminal responsibility is to be investigated according to law, a decision on the prosecution shall be made and the decision shall be made to the People’s Court in accordance with the provisions of the trial jurisdiction. He filed a public prosecution and transferred the case file and evidence to the People's Court.

The applicable public prosecution must meet the following three conditions, one of which is indispensable:

1. The criminal facts of the criminal suspect have been ascertained.

2. The evidence is indeed sufficient.

3. According to law, criminal responsibility shall be investigated.

When the prosecutor confirms that the defendant has a clear fact of the crime and the evidence is conclusive and sufficient, he shall be investigated for criminal responsibility in accordance with the law. That is, the procurator or prosecutor shall, on behalf of the country, initiate a public prosecution in the People's Court in accordance with the jurisdiction of the trial. That is, state organs exercise the power of public prosecution.

The criminal suspect Zhao Zewei was prosecuted and represented his criminal facts are clear and the evidence is conclusive! The court will make a decision on the suspect Zhao Zewei within a maximum of one and a half months.

According to the "Criminal Law Amendment," 9 : The conditions for the execution of the death penalty consist of committing wilful crimes, verifying the truth, and other major crimes. The means are extremely cruel and the social influence is extremely bad. Such as murder, extortion, kidnapping, robbery, rape, etc. May be executed.

Zhao Zewei, the suspect, caused 9 students to die in this case . The method was extremely cruel and the social influence was extremely poor. Everyone should have a good idea.


Beccaria pointed out in his book “On Crimes and Punishment”: “One of the most effective means to stop crimes is not the cruelty of punishment but the unavoidability of punishment.”

The criminal suspect Zhao Zewei is imminent, and he is also demonstrating deterrence to those who have troubles!

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