Carpet laying process

Laying method:
There are carpet carpets and coiled carpets in different forms, with different laying methods and laying positions.
1. Active paving: It means that the carpet is placed on the grass floor and it does not need to be fixed to the base.
2. Fixed paving: There are two fixed methods for fixed paving, one is card-type fixing, using a barbed plate to pull the carpet;
One is a bonding method that uses an adhesive to adhere the carpet to the floor.
Basic carpet floor decoration process:
(1) Card type fixing method:
Grassroots cleaning → Carpet cutting → Nail barbed plate → Underlayment → Joint → Zhangping → Fixed carpet → Edge trim → Repair carpet surface → Sweep.
(2) Paste fixing method: floor treatment → actual amount release line → cutting carpet → scraping glue opening → depositing silver pressure → cleaning and protection.
Construction points:
1, before the pavement must be carried out in real quantities, measure whether the angle of the corner, accurately record the angle. According to the calculation of the blank size on the carpet back line, cutting.
2, barbed plate fixed laying along the wall nail barbed plate, barbed plate from the skirting board 8 mm.
3. Apply adhesive tape to the seams. Put the two carpets together on the back of the carpet. First trim the villi at the seams and repeatedly rub the seams at the seams so that no seam marks are visible on the surface.
4. After glueing and laying, put it on for 5~10 minutes after glueing, and lay it when the glue liquid becomes dry and sticky.
5, after the carpet is laid, tighten the tie needles, Zhang Ping, hanging on the barbed plate. Adhesive is used. After the carpet is laid flat, air bubbles are pressed with a felt roll.
6, cut the excess carpet edge, clean up the fiber pulled.
7. When cutting the carpet, the carpet should be cut along the carpet warp, cutting only the weft yarn and not cutting the warp yarn. For the carpet with backing, separate the villi from the front and find the warp and weft after the cutting.
1. Pay attention to the protection of the finished product. Use glued carpet and do not step on it for 24 hours.
2. Carpet pavement has higher requirements on the ground floor. The ground must be flat and clean. The moisture content must not exceed 8%. The skirting board has been installed. The gap between the bottom of the skirting board and the floor should be 2~3 mm thicker than the thickness of the carpet.
3. Accurately measure the room size and calculate the blank size to avoid wastage.
4. After the carpet is laid, it must be tightened, flattened and fixed to prevent deformation in the future.

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