Building materials to the countryside policy to seize the opportunity to seize the third and fourth grade market

China has a vast territory. At present, there is no brand in the building materials industry, and which company can have sales outlets in every county. There is still a long way to go in China's urbanization process. In the rural market, the sales volume of wardrobes is bound to increase.

Since the introduction of the policy of building materials to the countryside, most domestic building materials manufacturers have been paying close attention to the policies and information of building materials to the countryside, and targeted strategic deployment of product planning, channel strategy and brand promotion. Building materials to the countryside is the direction of long-term strategic development of the enterprise. The national “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” clearly states that “increasing the property income of urban and rural residents, narrowing the gap between urban and rural areas, and accelerating the development of urbanization”. The current focus of the company's work is to develop appropriate product strategies and brand promotion methods based on the market characteristics of third- and fourth-tier cities, accelerate the layout of sales outlets, and prepare the foundation for building materials to the countryside.

Develop a marketing strategy

A mature market requires companies to dig deeper and spend time nurturing. Some enterprises have done very successfully in first- and second-tier cities, and it does not mean that they can be smooth in the third- and fourth-tier markets. The expansion of the third- and fourth-tier markets and the release of consumption potential cannot be spontaneously generated. Consumers in rural and townships need to have a process of understanding and recognizing the products. To succeed in business, the first thing to do is to understand the consumption environment of local residents, increase consumer awareness of products, and enhance consumer confidence in products.

Do a good job

Wardrobes are durable consumer goods. Consumers are most concerned about the after-sales service of the products when they purchase. They worry that the supporting services of the products can't keep up. Once the quality problems occur, the repairs can't be found, or the maintenance points are too far away.

The development of enterprises is based on the trust of consumers in products. Only by continuously providing consumers with better products and services can they promote the development of enterprises. Consumers in rural areas and towns are more concerned about after-sales service. Wardrobe companies want to occupy third- and fourth-tier markets, and need to set up sufficient service outlets to protect consumer interests.

Give full play to price advantage

The third- and fourth-tier markets have great potential, but the development of the market still carries risks. For example, the price of a product, in the initial stage of the development market, the most important thing is to make concessions on the price, which is easy to cause the company's investment and return is not proportional. Enterprises need to solve the problems encountered when building materials go to the countryside, such as how to activate the rural consumer market? How to make products recognized? How to balance the problem between initial investment and return?

Strengthen market research

The so-called "knowing oneself and knowing each other, no wars." When developing a township market in a county, the wardrobe enterprise must first have a full understanding of its own resource advantages and the overall strength of the company. The positioning of the products and the distribution and characteristics of the user groups should also be very clear.

Before opening the market, we will send people to the local market to conduct on-the-spot investigations and visits, master the characteristics of each regional market, and formulate differentiated product positioning and marketing strategies based on the results of the survey.

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