Brief analysis of tool re-grinding knowledge

" Cost-saving " has become a new product development concept in all metal processing industries, and is committed to providing customers with efficient and cost-effective solutions. In terms of the tool industry, cost savings are even more important. Tool grinding, as a metal The important field of cutting is naturally attracting attention.

During the regrind of the drill bit or milling cutter, the cutting edge needs to be ground to remove the original coating, so the grinding wheel used must have sufficient hardness. Re-grinding of the cutting edge is critical, not only to ensure that the geometry of the original cutting edge is completely accurately retained after re-grinding of the tool , but also that re-grinding must be " safe " for PVD coated tools . Therefore, unreasonable grinding processes must be avoided (for example, rough or dry grinding where the surface of the tool is damaged by high temperatures).

     Chemically remove all of the original coating before coating. Chemical removal is often used for complex tools (such as hobs, broaches), or for multiple overcoating tools and tools that have problems with coating thickness. The method of chemically removing the coating is usually limited to high-speed steel tools because it damages the cemented carbide substrate: the chemical removal coating method removes cobalt from the cemented carbide substrate, causing the surface of the substrate to be loose, causing pores to be difficult to carry out. Recoating.

“ Chemical removal is preferred for corrosion removal of high speed steel hardcoats, ” said the technical director of Balzers Coatings. “ Because the cemented carbide matrix contains similar chemical components as the coating, chemical removal of the solvent is more likely to damage the cemented carbide substrate than the high speed steel matrix ” .

“The time the tool stays in the coating removal solution is critical, ” said the Vice President of Venus Coatings. “ The longer the tool is left in the solution, the more severe the corrosion of the tool. Although the corrosion rate is much lower for high speed steel, the tool should be removed immediately after the original coating on the tool is removed. Take out and clean it . "

     In addition, there are some patented chemical methods suitable for removing PVD coatings. In these chemical methods, the coating removal solution has only a slight chemical reaction with the cemented carbide substrate, but these methods are not currently widely used. In addition, there are other methods of cleaning the coating, such as laser processing, sand blasting, and the like. Chemical removal is the most common method because it provides good surface coating removal consistency.      The typical recoating process is to remove the original coating from the tool by a regrind process.

In China's metal processing, it is regrettable that many companies often ignore this service when using tools. In fact, this is a serious waste of tool resources. Through the tool grinding service, it is possible to reduce the processing cost of customers by 50%. The professional tool grinding makes the production cost of the customer greatly reduced.

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