Break through the mistakes of traditional subversion floor shopping

With the improvement of people’s living standards and their increased sensitivity to fashion and fashion, people’s taste and requirements in home improvement are also increasing. As an important aspect of home decoration, the floor has also become the carrier and stage of the entire home design, and whether the floor purchase or color matching science is very important.

However, at present, many consumers do not have a clear and correct concept on how to buy floorboards, how to match colors and styles, and there are five major mistakes when choosing floors:

1, only look at the suit, do not see the whole

Many consumers in the home decoration, there is a common "first wear clothes, wear shoes after the" phenomenon, according to the color of the wall to choose the floor, which there is no comprehensive consideration of the Department. In fact, the home is a whole, and the floor is the stage for the entire home decoration. It should be combined with the wall surface, furniture, soft decoration, and other considerations.

2, personalized is good

This is an era of personalization. Many consumers think that the personalities are good, but from the perspective of home decoration, it is a misunderstanding to be too personal. From the perspective of home, it will take several years for the floor coverings to be considered for renewal, so from an aesthetic point of view, those classic floor styles and designs are more suitable for the homes we live in every day.

3, neatly draws good-looking

Many people are more willing to choose uniform colors and textures when they buy laminate flooring. In fact, this is a misunderstanding and artificially destroys the overall appearance of the floor. Laminate flooring in the design and manufacturing process, according to the texture of the wood itself to carry out, so there will be differences in the color and texture design, ruled, striped, thrifty, different textures is to create laminated wood The reason for the texture of the floor.

4, all room space with a suit or style

The function of the living room is different. The function of the bedroom, study room, children's room and dining room is different. Different elements will be reflected in the decoration. Therefore, the floor covering should also be different. However, nowadays, many consumers choose to use a suit or style floor when they are purchasing flooring. In fact, this phenomenon can be broken.

5, only the depth of color

In people's minds, the color of the floor seems to be only dark and light, and the concept of floor color is too single. In fact, there are many floors with neutral colors when the floor is purchased. Consumers can choose according to their home decoration design style.


1. Different types of wood flooring are different. When buying, you should judge from the visual senses.

The improvement of the color and texture of wooden flooring has a direct bearing on the quality of decorative paper. The high-quality imported decorative paper's laminated wood flooring color and texture are more realistic and visually pleasing.

2, pay attention to the overall feeling of room decoration, buy the floor to the best store.

For consumers who haven't had much decoration experience, it's best to go to the store when choosing flooring.

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