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The spring-type constant force hanger mainly consists of a cylindrical coil spring and a lever mechanism. Due to the simple and mature manufacturing process of its springs and components, stable product performance and good economy, it has been applied for a long time in the country. Therefore, it is a widely used type; the performance of the constant force hanger using the butterfly spring is relatively difficult to control and the main and auxiliary The spring type constant force hanger has high requirements on the accuracy of the spring, and it is difficult to manufacture, and it has not been widely used. Constant force spring hanger (hereinafter referred to as constant crane) is designed according to the principle of moment balance. With the permitted load displacement, the load torque and spring torque are always balanced. For pipes and equipment that are supported by constant lifting, they can provide a constant supporting force when they are displaced, and therefore do not bring additional stress to the pipeline equipment.

Hanging cranes are generally used where there is a need to reduce displacement stresses, such as power station boilers, smoke, water, steam, air ducts and burners in power plants, and where such supports are required in the petroleum and chemical industries.

When the thermal displacement of a hoisting point in the pipeline system is greater than 12mm, the crane shall be supported by a constant crane to avoid dangerous bending stress and unfavorable stress transfer in the pipeline system.

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