Beware of Flooring Formaldehyde Pollution Reasonably Using Floor Sliding Boards

Solid wood flooring is a natural and environmentally friendly floor decoration material, but the cushion material (plywood) used for floor installation often causes indoor air pollution. For example: a room of 100 square meters, the use of inferior splints up to 30, closed for 12 hours, the formaldehyde in the air will exceed the standard 3 to 10 times. The reason is that the cushion material used in the installation of the floor is plywood (ie, splint), and many businesses use inferior splints as floor cushion materials to reduce the installation cost. After the floor is installed, it is impossible to see the cushion materials. The splint used, so consumers simply can not tell the merits of the splint. The harmful gas contained in the inferior splint—formaldehyde, is colorless and has a pungent odor. It is mainly derived from formaldehyde glue and urine aldehyde glue used in the production of splints and furniture. Formaldehyde exceeding the standard can cause diseases such as leukemia, respiratory diseases, and headaches. Occurrence, pregnant women will lead to miscarriage, stillbirth, fetal malformations. Moreover, formaldehyde is not volatile and lasts long-lasting, so consumers must strengthen supervision during floor installation.

If plywood is installed, the amount of formaldehyde released from the splint must meet the E1 standard in GB18580-2001 issued by the State. In accordance with national standards, GB/T 20238-2006 provisions in paragraph 4.1.2 - the formaldehyde release amount of plywood used in the installation shall comply with the provisions of E1 level in GB18580-2001, thickness ≥ 9 mm, if it does not meet the standard, the The project was judged as unqualified.

Moreover, this project fails to meet relevant standards and will directly affect the health problems of consumers. Consumers should increase their awareness of healthy environment and choose environmentally-friendly home improvement materials.

There are a few well-known brand merchants have already begun to recommend the use of natural wood instead of splint floor installation cushion material, it is worth promoting the use of environmentally friendly materials, but the use of wood material with relatively moderate density to do floor installation cushion material, and to do pest control , anti-corrosion and drying treatment, the most common is the use of pine mat material. If consumers can't distinguish between genuine and fake products, they can consult Shenzhen Flooring Professional Committee and Shenzhen Floor Quality Appraisal Committee.

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