Bedroom ceiling design method

Method 1: Make a ceiling around the bedroom, without making a ceiling in the middle. The ceiling can be formed by wood plywood, designed in various shapes, with spotlights or downlights, and a new ceiling lamp in the middle of the ceiling. This will visually increase the height of the space, which is more suitable for the living room of a large space.

Method 2: Make the ceiling around the bedroom thick and the middle part thin, thus forming two distinct levels. This kind of practice should pay special attention to the design of the surrounding ceiling. You can also add your own ideas and preferences during the design process, so that the ceiling can be designed into a different style with a modern atmosphere or a traditional atmosphere.

Method 3: Use plaster to make a shape around the ceiling of the bedroom. Gypsum can be made into a variety of geometric patterns, or carved out of various patterns of flowers, birds and insects, it has the characteristics of cheap, simple construction, so the ceiling used in the bedroom is also a good method, as long as its decorative effect Coordinate with the decor of the room to achieve a good overall effect.

Method 4: If the space in your bedroom is high enough, there is a lot of room for choosing the ceiling. You can choose a variety of forms such as fiberglass ceiling, plywood ceiling, plywood ceiling, gypsum sound-absorbing ceiling, etc. These ceilings are both beautiful in appearance and have the function of reducing noise, which is your ideal choice.

DECNO Laminate Collections is a stunning combination of our advanced technology and refined rustic hardwood looks. It generates the beautiful looks and the warmth of hardwood, but with easy maintenance and super durable high quality.

Laminate floors, on the other hand, are the result of bonding various composite materials and melamine resin at high temperatures and pressure – so the floor itself is far from being organic.

Laminate Flooring With Pad, usually is 2mm EVA, color for gray. 4mm also available . 

EVA colors mostly gray, green also can be provided.

Main Features: Thickness:12.0mm /8.0mm

Wear Layer: AC3,Class 31   

Size: 1218x199mm,1215x195mm,1217x196mm

Eva 2

Laminate Flooring With Pad

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