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Bearing professor analyzes the characteristics of magnetic bearings

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2017-11-26

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Magnetic bearing is a kind of support method that supports the load or suspension rotor by magnetic force. Magnetic bearing has the same superiority as other supporting methods; it has great development prospects.
1. Permanent magnet type magnetic bearing Permanent magnet type magnetic bearing is made of permanent magnet; it can be made into various shapes. The bearing capacity and stiffness of the bearing are determined by the variety of permanent magnet data; the shape, area, thickness and equipment of the magnetic pole; Bearing clearance; and some dimensions of soft magnetic steel. The theoretical accounting of this kind of bearing is not easy; often use the "test similar method" for layout drawing. That is, several typical bearing layouts are determined by test method; the bearing capacity and stiffness value are measured. The new depiction of the bearing only needs to take the same information; the layout method and the scale are determined by the share; its function can be obtained by the share; if the bearing capacity and the square of the bearing feature scale become a share.
2. Forced communication encouraged magnetic bearing thrust bearings are usually combined in pairs; each bearing is an electromagnet. The shape of the iron core is usually E-shaped, U-shaped or circular. The tuning method is divided into two types: series and parallel.
1. Features 1 conflict.
2 high support accuracy; safe operation; reliable.
3 can work in high temperature, deep cold and vacuum environment.
4 layout is messy; demand conditions are harsh; there is magnetic disturbance to the environment; but no other pollution.
2. Classification magnetic bearings are classified according to their control methods, magnetic energy history, layout methods, etc. In addition, they can be classified into permanent magnet type, electromagnet type and permanent magnet electromagnet according to the type of magnetic field. They can also be classified into suction according to the type of bearing suspension force. Type and repulsive type. Superconducting magnetic bearings are also divided into low temperature superconducting and high temperature superconducting.
There are some special constraints between the different types in the above categories; special attention should be paid.
1 permanent magnet type bearing can only be passive type (forced type); passive type bearing can not be stable in 3 directions; at least 1 direction should be active type.
2 DC encouraged bearings can only be active (automatic).
3 pure electromagnet type bearing can only be 5 degree of freedom control type bearing; its volume, quality and power consumption are relatively large.
4 repulsion type magnetic bearings; because the magnetic utilization rate is low; the layout is more attractive than the suction type; usually rarely used.
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