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Since its establishment, Baosuo Machinery (full name "Foshan Baosuo Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.") has always regarded technology research and development as the first element of enterprise survival and development. It has continuously introduced new concepts in the field of product development and manufacturing technology. Comprehensively oriented automation, multi-series innovative products have won high trust and praise from domestic and foreign customers. At present, the paper rolls of "coreless paper roll rewinding mechanism", "large rotary paper cutting mechanism", "embossing composite machine", "rewinder paper breaking mechanism", "cutting and rewinder", etc. The key technologies in the field of the industry have greatly improved the quality of the finished paper and the service life of the blades. It has refreshed the technical level of the industry and continues to be the leading position in the domestic papermaking equipment and tissue paper processing equipment industry.

Figure/Foshan Baosuo Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
At Baosuo Machinery, the core of the leading technical strength is its strong R&D and design capabilities. "In the specific product design process, it is to control the entire design-production workflow and provide efficient production design tools for each link. Equipment, to ensure that products from research and development to manufacturing, can maintain high efficiency", mentioned the secret of the success of Baosuo Machinery, the head of the IT department mentioned, "In which, for the R & D and design departments, efficient and stable CAD Software is an indispensable tool for ensuring the results of work. Therefore, we have high requirements for the performance and functions of CAD software."
From the contradiction to the love: Zhongwang CAD mechanical version conquers the designer with high efficiency
"We are very cautious when choosing a CAD brand. Because designers are deep users of CAD software, our first concern is their use needs, that is, whether they can meet their work needs." During the cooperation process, the head of the IT department said with a smile: "At first, the designers did not understand Zhongwang, and they were very resistant to Zhongwang CAD software. They worried that because of the software performance and functions, they affected their own. Work quality and efficiency. Later, after our two sides jointly organized training, timely feedback, home visits, remote assistance and other efforts, the designer now said that Zhongwang CAD can not only meet the work requirements, but also greatly improve the efficiency compared to the original! "

Figure / product design results of Baosuo Machinery
The person in charge of the IT department further introduced that in addition to the conventional CAD design functions, the Zhongwang CAD mechanical version also has the functions of parts library, intelligent labeling, customized frame and other functions to improve the design efficiency, so that the designer can complete the design more conveniently and quickly. task. "In the past, designers had to go through a drawing process from scratch, which took a lot of time and effort. With the Zhongwang mechanical version, they can choose to call directly in the software part library, and then place it in the appropriate position of the drawing. The above is reflected in the production, which not only greatly improves the work efficiency, but also the overall accuracy of the obtained spare parts is higher and better."
Software selection inside and outside: Zhongwang CAD is the right choice
In the process of communication, we feel the pragmatism and rigor of the company. In terms of product selection, Baosuo prioritizes the designer's use requirements, and then comprehensively evaluates the cost performance of each CAD software product based on this, and finally makes a choice. "The reason why we choose Zhongwang CAD is to promote the enterprise information construction on the one hand, and on the other hand, because Zhongwang wants customers to think, the service concept made by customers has touched us." People explained: "Our information center often collects and feeds back some questions. During the whole process, your technical engineers are very responsible, not only solve problems in time, but also arrange special personnel to understand the use of the software. Under the joint efforts of everyone Zhongwang CAD was quickly promoted and used within the company, and both functions and efficiency were recognized."
At present, Baosuo Machinery is developing towards the group, and has deeper exchanges and cooperation with well-known enterprises at home and abroad. The person in charge of the IT department said: In the software testing phase, in addition to paying attention to whether Zhongwang CAD can meet the internal use requirements of our company, it also pays attention to whether the software will be incompatible when we interact with the outside world, but the facts Prove that Zhongwang CAD is our right choice.
Postscript: Nowadays, the quality of Zhongwang CAD mechanical version has experienced the practice test of designers and promoted the design efficiency and quality. Zhongwang CAD mechanical version has been fully applied to Baosuo Machinery Headquarters and its subordinate divisions. In the days to come, Baosuo Machinery hopes that Zhongwang Software will continue to deepen the practical application of the machinery manufacturing industry, and help high-quality CAD software products to enhance the design level and innovation ability, and jointly respond to market competition from home and abroad.
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Foshan Baosuo Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a large-scale scientific and technological enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing and sales of papermaking equipment and household paper processing equipment. The products cover the rewinding machine and supporting equipment, facial tissue folding machine and supporting equipment, and rubbing. A full range of tissue paper processing equipment such as hand-folding machine, napkin folding machine and automatic packaging machine won the certification of “Guangdong High-tech Enterprise”, “Guangdong Province Equipment Manufacturing 100 Key Cultivation Enterprise” and “Guangdong Famous Brand Product”. It is a leading enterprise in the domestic papermaking equipment and household paper processing equipment industry.
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