Balcony into a balcony sun room have to pay attention to what factors

Sun room, as the name suggests, is a house that can enter into the sun and enjoy the sunshine. The sun room is an anti-traditional house design that allows the sun outside to shine through a special wall, allowing the owner to enjoy a beautiful sunbathing, peace of mind and comfort. Enjoy nature. Next, Xiao Bian introduced the balcony to the balcony sun room to pay attention to what factors.

First, the security of the balcony

When the balcony was renovated on the balcony, many residents sought to create a good decorative effect in order to increase the use of the balcony, and to open the balcony and the interior. However, there is a wall between the interior and the balcony. This wall is called "weight wall" and plays the role of supporting the balcony. If it is dismantled, it will seriously affect the safety of the balcony. Therefore, you can remove the doors and windows of the interior and balcony during the renovation. However, the “counterweight wall” must not be moved.

Second, material purchase

When purchasing, we must go to the formal building materials market, it is best not to buy cheaper to the street side of the store, there is no quality assurance. It is recommended that you do not weigh too much on the cost when selecting materials, and must choose the products of manufacturers with good quality profiles and guaranteed after-sales services.

Third, the decoration of the balcony should pay attention to insulation, insulation, sealing

In the decoration of the balcony, attention should be paid to the indoor insulation, heat insulation, and tightness. In some families in Beijing, in order to prevent wind and rain, almost all the balconies will be sealed to ensure their tightness, but if the balcony is not sealed well, in the cold winter If you run into a windy day, there will be a lot of dust coming into the room. The most troubling thing is that when it rains, the leak-proof sashes will leak and the things on the balcony will leak. Wet. Therefore, the quality of the installation of the balcony is crucial and will affect your future use.

Fourth, waterproof issues must be a good relationship

When the storm comes, in order to improve the balcony doors and windows waterproof. The quality and sealability of the sashes should be good, and the inside and outside of the waterproof frame should not be mistaken. At the same time, in order to improve the waterproofing of the ground, we must first have a certain slope, and the lower side should be a drain. In addition, the balcony and the living room must have at least a certain height difference (for example: 1 to 2 cm). In order to achieve this height difference, you can decorate the ground and make a slope. This scale should be well grasped so as not to affect the appearance and practicality.

Five or six matters needing attention

1, regardless of how to decorate, you need to consider bearing the issue. Unless your home's balcony has been strengthened in the pre-building body, you cannot exceed the weight of the load.

2. In any form of decoration, waterproof issues need to be considered and the original waterproof layer system of the balcony cannot be destroyed.

3, any form of decoration, you need to consider the wind pressure resistance of the balcony, all add-on structures need to strengthen and ensure its safety and security.

4, the balcony floor to ensure the smooth drainage system to prevent the penetration of water into the room.

5, if the homeowner is like flowers, flowers placed on the balcony as much as possible to select species with high insect resistance. Moreover, the necessary separation between the planting belt and the interior needs to be taken so as to prevent the insects from entering the room and affecting your physical health.

6, there are lamps near the balcony also need to be treated with water, and the need to install anti-leakage switch, so as to avoid leakage in the rain when forgetting to close the balcony window caused by human injury.

Editor's summary: What are the factors that should be paid attention to when the balcony is transformed into a balcony sun room? I hope to be helpful to everyone. If you want to know more related information, you can pay attention to this website information.

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