Bahrain stone maintenance method

Among the various varieties of Bahrain, the leader is the first to push chicken blood red. Compared with Changhua Bloodstone, the two have their own merits: Changhua's bloodstone is thick and bloody, and the contrast is strong; while the Bahraini chicken is red and bloody. If the two are not properly maintained, blood changes will occur, so be sure to avoid high temperature and avoid strong light. In the event of a bloody change, the chicken blood red is immersed in paraffin oil, and after a few days the blood color will still be as vivid as ever. However, some Tibetan stone homes prefer this change. They think: This is "blood-activating."

Today, the Kistler collection is not an upset. Kistler also needs to be cured like other collectibles. So, how to protect the stone? Stone conservation, the correct way is to wax the stone. Waxing not only makes the texture pattern clear, but also makes the stone warmer and strengthens the natural beauty of the stone. Wash the stones before waxing and heat the stones. The heating method is that the small amount can be boiled in a pot, and the large amount can be steamed in a steam pot, or placed on an iron plate and fired in the fire, and can be exposed to the sun in the summer.

Fire roasting, sun drying method should pay attention to the uniform heating of the stone surface; boiled, steaming method should pay attention to leave the heat source, until the surface of the stone is dry before waxing. Use a piece of solid paraffin to contact the surface of the hot stone. After the paraffin is melted, a layer of paraffin is applied to the surface of the stone. The stone is cooled, and the melted paraffin is solidified. The waxing is completed. The temperature of the stone when waxing can be used to make the paraffin melt (the hot hand can be), the temperature is too low, the wax liquid is not easy to infiltrate, and the surface is wrinkled after cooling, so the temperature should be high and low. The amount of wax applied is based on the total absorption of the wax liquid during the cooling process. If too much wax is found, wipe off too much wax with a dry cloth before cooling; if it is found to be too much wax after cooling, heat it to wax and re-wax. Stones with rough surface or strong adsorption should not be waxed, such as turmeric and pine.

First, the precious stone species in Shoushan Stone cannot be heated and waxed at will, because it hinders the stone species to maintain the original appearance.

Second, the Hibiscus stone is particularly moisturized and white, especially the white tip and the lard white, which “can start to make people feel uneasy” and cannot be oiled. After the oiling, the hibiscus stone is yellowed, and even the yellow and white uneven color of the stone appears. The ancients had this experience. They put the Furong stone after the oil, which is called "oil bubble hibiscus". When the collectors play the hibiscus stone, they can be rubbed on both sides of the face and the nose to make the trace fat oil maintenance most suitable. Therefore, the use of oil and stone can not be generalized.

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