Automatic glass door installation method and precautions

The use of automatic glass doors is very common in current life. Whether it is home or company, we will see it, but after using the automatic glass door, it is found that some troubles will occur, such as not automatically returning. Originally, it will affect the use of the glass door, so be sure to pay more attention to the details when installing it.

Automatic glass door installation method

First, the automatic glass door installation must be on the vertical line of the upper and lower door, the glass door must be made of steel beam, the upper shaft must be welded on the beam, because the upper door is the support point of the entire glass door, it must be firm It is forbidden to use the upper beam to adopt the fine wooden keel structure, because the connection point between the upper door shaft and the wood making structure can only be fixed by the self-tapping screws. Because of the many times of opening the door, the length of the door is easy to fall off, which is dangerous.

2. When installing the pre-embedded spring on the automatic glass door, a rectangular square pit shall be cut on the original ground. The surrounding area shall be larger than 10 mm of the ground spring base. It is used for plugging high-grade cement mortar to play a firm role. After solidification for 48 hours, follow the glass door. Install the glass door to the ground 8-12 mm to prevent the glass door from rubbing against the ground when it hangs down.

Third, the upper and lower door shafts of the ground door should be seated in the center of the door frame, so that the automatic glass door can be seated in the center of the door frame after installation, which has an aesthetic effect. Install the glass on the side of the door to be 3-6 mm away from the beam. When the door is drooped, the connection between the upper door shaft and the door clamp will not be disengaged. There is also a detail problem to be noted. The door shaft and the door clamp should be filled with butter, which can be reduced. The connector is worn to extend its life.

Automatic glass door installation precautions

Automatic glass doors appear in daily life, they can be seen everywhere, but you know that glass door drift is not beautiful, but it has a certain relationship with the installation method. Today, we will take you to see some problems that need to be paid attention to during installation:

1. Before installing the automatic glass door, check whether the door and window fan is flat, and whether the reserved hole is complete and accurate. If it does not meet the requirements, it should be corrected first.

2, automatic glass door installation steel frame, door leaf glass application wire card fixed, the required spacing should not be greater than 300mm, and each side not less than two (this is very important, we must remember), of course, can also Apply a putty finish to the wire card to increase the seal.

3. If the putty is fixed, the putty should be filled with smeared. If a rubber mat is used, the rubber mat should be embedded first and fixed with a bead and a screw.

4. If the automatic glass door is fixed by a bead, it is usually pressed on four or two sides and sealed with a sealant.

5. Installation of various auxiliary materials must meet the design requirements and relevant standards.

6. When assembling colored glass and area flower glass, it should be consistent with the design pattern. It should not be misplaced, skewed and loosened. The orientation of the glass should meet the design requirements.

7. After the installation of the automatic glass door, the cleaning work after installation should be done.

Automatic glass door sensor position installation tips

The automatic glass door sensor is a kind of sensor product belonging to the control sensor class, which realizes the automation of the door switch through microwave and infrared induction. When installing, you only need to attach the mounting plate to the wall, then install the mounting plate to punch holes, then connect the wires, fix the sensor, and then cover the top cover, you can. Very simple.

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