Application Pro/INTRALINK to establish a product development data sharing platform (Figure)

Since the beginning of 1994, China Qingqi Group Technology Center has applied Pro/ENGINEER software for product design. Up to now, more than 80 models of motorcycle products have been designed with Pro/ENGINEER, and tens of thousands of drawings have been formed. With the increase of new product development and product remodeling tasks, the original image file management work has become more and more lagging. The problems are as follows:

(1) Lack of information management of the product design process;

(2) The original data cannot be used effectively when the product is modified, and the development cycle is extended;

(3) Unable to realize parallel development of product development, which affects work efficiency;

(4) The image file query is inconvenient and it is difficult to ensure the consistency of the electronic image file and the original image file;

(5) Data resources cannot be shared between design and process management.

Based on the above issues, in 2002 our Group Technology Center decided to enable the Pro/INTRALINK module to manage data files. It can communicate the engineering data information in real time and manage the interrelationship of complex products. Pro/INTRALINK facilitates two-way sharing of information through the application programming interface (API) layer, which simplifies user information management and improves efficiency. It performs product parallel design by passing relevant change information to each associated user. Pro/INTRALINK provides a broad space for the development of interactive engineering software. It enables engineering data information to be shared across the enterprise to support true enterprise-level collaboration.

1 Pro/INTRALINK function

(1) The management of Pro/INTRALINK is coordinated by the following data managers. Version controller: manages all designers' changes to their design work; modifies controllers: prevents unintentional or unauthorized modifications; resource controllers: can store information safely and efficiently; design configuration manager: builds for product versions Product configuration file; distributed work environment: used to connect the designer and its team members, the designer can independently test and share the design work of other team members; product cycle controller: track changes in the design process and State; utilization controller: communicate information bidirectionally with other systems.

(2) Pro/INTRALINK is implemented by three management software. Product Data Management Software (PDM): The PDM system provides modules for capacity, authorization level, organizational structure, and storage functions for data files and original data information objects. Source code control software: ensures that multiple members collaborate on the same product. Work; Profile Management Software: Ability to track changes made to the product between system users, ensuring that the system user is provided with an environment to verify their work, in which the work done by other users can be borrowed.

2 Structure of Pro/INTRALINK

Pro/INTRALINK consists of five parts, as follows.

2.1 Common area

The public area is the central database provided by Pro/INTRALINK. It is based on the Oracle relational database included in Pro/INTRALINK. As a storage point for design work, the common area records repeated design changes, product relationships, and configuration information. In addition, it can pass on other user-related design work to provide up-to-date design information for all users.

2.2 Work area

It is a local database that Pro/INTRALINK provides to each user to manage their work. It allows each user to operate independently and in parallel with other users. The workspace database provides a set of tools to enable multiple users to merge related product and design changes in their work environment. Users can find and modify objects in the local workspace. Users will often check out the objects in the common area to the workspace for modification. When the user has modified all the objects, they can check In to the common area.

2.3 Find

Help users find objects in the common area. The user gets all the objects that meet the criteria after defining the relevant properties of the required object.

2.4 Management

The Pro/INTRALINK environment is configured by the administrator of Pro/INTRALINK.

2.5 Priority

Allows users to define default system parameter options at the system and user level.

Figure 1 Pro/INTRALINK structure diagram

Figure 2 Pro/INTRALINK interface diagram

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