Application of glass wool board in roof insulation

Application of glass wool board in roof insulation


Glass wool boards are increasingly used in building materials. This wide range is not only the expansion of the type of building, but also the richness of the building. Now the glass wool board is used in the thermal insulation of the roof and has received good results.
The application of glass wool board on the roof also has certain requirements for the construction process. Not only the thickness is required to be uniform, but also the safety of construction workers. Generally, the insulating material such as centrifugal glass wool is placed on the ceiling of the roof, or the soft centrifugal glass wool is directly blown. There are also ceilings directly combined with centrifugal glass wool and decorative veneers. It is also the most simple and effective roof insulation method, and the centrifugal glass wool also has sound absorption function. The annual demand for domestic roof insulation materials amounts to more than 100 million square meters, and the market potential is huge.

Powered Pins Fastening System  is firstly invented by our company in China. Not like as other Direct Fastening System, it only includes two parts: Tool and Powered pin. For the pins are joined to energy(Powder or solid propellant) by plastic part. Like this, we can do fastening work very rapidly. Especially for Ceiling fastening, we can do it just in floor, which is much  faster than traditional way. No ladder required. No dust. Low nosie. 

We can provide two kinds of Powered pins:  double-base powder (DB series) and solid propellant( nitro-cotton,SP series). DB series can provide very steady and strong fastening. SP series can not only provide very steady fastening, but also can provide no-lead worksite requirements. For the system is 100% lead free in compliance with OSHA (CFR 1926.62). What's more,It is classified as non-explosive allowing for standard shipping and storage of the fasteners. The result is a system that stresses operations and environmental safety.

Our tool can be both used for two series.


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