Applicable medicine for controlling rice stalks at the ear of rice

Laodelphax striatellus not only can cause viral diseases such as rice stripe disease, but also concentrate on panicle damage in late rice. In order to clarify the efficacy and drug-administration technology of pymetrozine and other drugs on the late rice earing stage, Cheng Qinhai and others in Haining City Plant Protection Station in Zhejiang Province conducted field experiments.
The experiment is to use 40% chlorpyrifos EC 100ml, 10% nitenpyram water 30ml, 10% chlorothiazide wettable powder 30g, 25% pyridone wettable powder 20g, 25% buprofezin A total of 6 treatments were obtained for 75 g of wettable powder and clear water. When the rice is in the filling stage, a manual sprayer is used to spray 50 kg of water per acre. At the time of application, the overlap of the gray locusts was more obvious, and the young nymphs accounted for 58.3%.
The results showed that chlorpyrifos and pymetrozine had good control effect on the gray part of the panicle, and the former had good quick-acting effect, and the latter had better effect; the nitrile amide resistance was second, and the chlorothiazide and buprofezin pair The panicle gray locust has poor control effect. When pymetrozine is applied once, it can effectively control the damage of the gray locust in the ear, and the chlorpyrifos should be increased once.
According to the monitoring, the high temperature from July to August has an inhibitory effect on the brown planthopper, and the reproduction speed is accelerated after the weather turns cold in September. The control period of the gray planthopper is about 7 days after the heading (mid-September). It is recommended that pymetrozine be used alternately with chlorpyrifos and dichlorvos to delay the development of drug resistance; in the year of large fly ash, chlorpyrifos or dichlorvos can be mixed with pymetrozine to enhance the quick-acting and long-lasting effect. 25% pymetrozine wettable powder is used to control the gray planthopper in late rice ear, and 20 grams of water per acre is sprayed with 50 kilograms of water.
(Source: 2010.9.1 "Jiangsu Agricultural Science and Technology News" Author: Sousa
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