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Nothing in the world is perfect. Regardless of whether it is people or goods, we must first clarify this point. For modern people, the retro atmosphere will give people a different feeling, so in the home improvement people are particularly fond of antique bricks, what are the antique brick defects ? Today we will take a look at the relevant introduction.

First, the advantages of antique tiles

1. The pattern of antique tiles is quite numerous, and each of its patterns is very similar to that of a real object. Antique bricks are relatively large in size, so they are often used in places such as kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, and so on. Its color is a form of simplicity, so no matter how long it is used, it looks the same as it was when it was first used, so basically you don't have to worry about it being old.

2. The water absorption of rustic tiles is the best one of all the floor tiles. It is basically not deformed after absorbing water, so it is like a place where the bathroom and the kitchen are easy to collect water. The use of antique tiles is Very properly, for anti-fouling ability, the capacity of antique tiles is also much better than polished tiles, especially in places where oil is relatively heavy, polished tiles usually need to be replaced after two or three years of use, but antique tiles There is no such annoyance at all.


3, non-slip wear resistance, which is a distinctive feature of antique tiles. The production process of antique tiles is very different from that of polished tiles. The enamel and brick textures applied on the surface have greater texture friction and the non-slippery effect is far inferior to polished tiles and other high-smooth tiles. Because of this, antique tiles are widely used in public spaces, parks, libraries, and kitchens.

4, the color is novel and natural, this is because the antique brick is to restore an old, traditional, pure, natural home decoration feelings. Antique tiles rarely have too grand decoration effect, and they are good at achieving the visual effect of blending time and space in the design of color and pattern. Staring at an antique brick is just like walking in the corridor where time and space evolve. The atmosphere with a touch of nostalgia and full of humanistic temperament and warm feelings is always deeply touched. Some people commented that the antique brick is the most artistic tile, and this statement is indeed true.

Second, the disadvantages of antique tiles

1. Its hardness and brightness are slightly weaker than polished tiles.

2. The antique tiles are ceramic tile products covered with enamel materials. This enamel material cannot accept random cutting, edging and chamfering. This causes the antique bricks to be inflexible when performing individual processing and fitting operations. However, in order to improve the practical effect of antique tiles, the size of the antique tiles will generally increase, and the practical value will not be inferior.


3. The disadvantage of antique tiles is that it is not easy to do some subtle work such as edging, which will lead to the construction of the room, the amount of work will become very large, the technology is not good for the workers to make the room less than perfect The effect of. The use of rustic tiles is not a good idea for people who like to have a little space, especially in some back-yang rooms. The use of rustic tiles makes the room that is not very bright appear even darker.

Summary: Antique tiles are very special and can make your home unique. However, when selecting antique tiles, you must find out all kinds of information about antique tiles . I will introduce this to the shortcomings of antique tiles . I hope to You help, more decoration information, do this site, so stay tuned.

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