Anhua urea production and sales booming

Sinochem Xinxun Henan Coal Chemical Co., Ltd.'s urea production and operation work again pass good results: in February production of urea 34,500 tons, an increase of 4723.32 tons over the same period last year; to achieve industrial output value of 154 million yuan, an increase of 11.656 million yuan over the same period last year. The company has shown a good development in production and sales.

After realizing the first month of production and operation in the first month of 2011, Anhua Company further explored its own advantages in February, and timely seized the country’s great opportunity to attach great importance to drought protection and spring plowing, and strived for the second fastest time to reduce production costs. market. In production, they comprehensively promote and improve the level of refined management, consolidate the “dual base” safety management, take the implementation of a new internal marketing program as an opportunity to further mobilize the enthusiasm of all staff, optimize process indicators, reduce the consumption of various raw materials. The maximum capacity improves the "stable, long, and full" operation of the device. In the synthesis workshop, a total of 11,400 tons of synthetic ammonia was produced in February, which was 100.19% of the monthly plan, an increase of 1055.94 tons over the same period of last year, which set a new historical record; the highest class production and daily production of urea were on the eve of Lunar New Year's Eve in the second urea plant. It reached 243.8 tons and 713.25 tons, refreshing the best in history.

In the face of persistent drought and the depressed market of urea, Anhua requires dealers to pay attention to promoting the advantages of Yuzhu brand urea fertilizers and to sell at higher prices. Sales personnel are required to pay attention to improving service awareness and improve the level of agrochemical services; Production conditions, the establishment of sales plans, grasp the rhythm of sales, the entire month to achieve a production and sales rate of 100%.